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  1. Pasted from the Daily Telegraph comments section : Some reasons other than partygate for Johnson to go- He's not a conservative. He has not delivered Brexit. He has signed WHO pandemic treaty. He has not fixed the illegal migrant issue. He has not removed us from the ECHR. He has not removed the 5% tax on energy bills. He has not stopped the absurd HS2. He is continuing his ruinous Net Zero policy. He has no intention of reforming the NHS. He has dismembered the UK. On top of these and many others he is an immoral, lying charlatan devoid of principles or honour. A man with a history of broken pledges in his politics and in his personal life.
  2. It seems the Yanks have Johnson and Sunak sussed, the Wall Street Journal really slating them for this weeks Tax and Spending announcement and lack of action to cut Green sunsidies that are a main cause of inflation, 25% of our bills. I tried a link but it isn't working. We need to attack the causes of inflation not just print money, this pair are a real danger to the UK economy.
  3. Steve Baker would have been my choice.
  4. Covid didn't cost the economy, the Govts reaction to it did. Johnson got a large majority due to Corbyn and Brexit which he hasn't delivered. Food crisis, this Govt is paying Farmers not to grow food but rewild and have vast swathes of Solar Panels , it's agricultural policy is insane. We are sat on huge Gas and Oil reserves that he refuses to utilise. Most of the cost of fuel is Tax. They have wasted tens of Billions on nothing, Track and Trace the NHS App etc etc this list goes on and on. He is not fit for office. I am truly amazed you think he is doing a good job.
  5. Where did I say I was suffering, I didn't. I am talking about Johnson wrecking the whole countries economy but as you ask I am on a none index linked fixed income so any price rises make me poorer as it does all of us who don't get an inflation linked pay rise, it's not rocket science, which bit of that don't you get? My Pension fund is bombing due to the FTSE 250 going down nearly 20% this year so I will have to take less out. My comments were about Johnson and Sunak wrecking the UK economy which they are splendidly. Johnson's insane Nett Zero policies and Foreign Policy is impoverishing the whole country. If inflation doesn't come down quickly we are all in trouble and Sunaks announcement today will only fuel it, they need to address the issues driving prices up alot of which are caused by this rancid Govt.
  6. Yes over 2 Trilion in debt, absolutely minted.
  7. He has what it takes to absolutely wreck the economy, that's for sure. But that's OK because in his own words he is the ****** Fuhrer round here.
  8. Yes spot on, it winds me up when Johnson claims the Vaccine success was down to him. He couldn't boil an egg.
  9. I would expect you not to defend him!
  10. £650 to anyone on benefits, really. How much will be spent on the cost of living, no way should be handing over cash.
  11. So that makes it alright then!! Irrespective of his constant lies he has trashed the countries economy of the back of a Ferguson spread sheet so inaccurate a 2 year old could have done better and forges ahead with driving big business out of the country and his Nett Zero insanity that willl impoverish us all for absolutely no good reason. Johnson and Sunak are the worst pair we have ever had and that is saying something.
  12. RIP a very good actor.
  13. His main crime is being totally unfit to run the country.
  14. Haven't stopped insuring them yet. Who is giving anyone who has one a hard time, if you can afford one and they suit your needs then crack on no problem at all with that? My problem is with this rancid Govt enforcing them on the population much like Heat Pumps which are also not wanted and are unaffordable and impractical to 95% of the population. My point is the vast majority don't have the ability to install a home charger. They are way too expensive for most and will be worthless SH when their battery needs replacing, an awful investment depreciation wise unless you lease and swap every three years. Petrol and Diesels can run for decades if looked after and are way greener than an EV when you look at their total Carbon foot prints. There are not enough rare metals to go round for them to be the norm by a country mile and their extraction is very destructive. EV's are simply not green, it is all one huge Government con to price the plebs off the road.
  15. They are totally unfeasable for 90% of the population on both cost or charging and if they can't be exported or travel on trains of Ferries what is the point. Plus new battery at 8 years means they will be worthless near that age when the cost of a new battery is 10 > 15k. Is the mining of all the precious metals green no and on top of that there will be nowhere near enough, the whole idea is a woke none starter.
  16. Well one caught fire and sunk a ship full of luxury EV's because they couldn't put it out and it spread, wait until insurers refuse to insure any ships including ferries carrying EV's. It absolutely is a very real problem. A friend of mine who makes fire retardent material has been tasked with making material to contain EV fires, the fires are ferocious and take hours to put out. EV's are not the future and they are not green in any shape of form.
  17. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1614242/London-bus-explosion-electric-bus-battery-pack-fire-latest-update
  18. Weihrauch17

    Lead ban

    No it's ban on their use so no way of using up Lead legally.
  19. Thankyou, many challenges for everyone currently in all walks of life.
  20. I have been in it 22 years and usually shoot between 3 and 5 a day. Last year our birds vanished, we got innundated with Foxes and our releasing part of the land was sold at Auction with many viewings and I suspect poaching also on the back of this. We were far off the beaten track and remote but got advertised to the country. It was also ridiculously warm throughout the season, we had one cold day the whole season.
  21. I took early retirement partly to keep youngsters in work when Covid struck, I was at an age when I could get at my Pension so I did wanted 3 more years but unreal times. I don't have an index linked Pension so inflation and huge Shoot increases I cannot protect against. The warm weather last season saw us return 20% of our usual bag that we have returned for the last 22 years I have been in. We shot 50 odd birds from 600 put down and the fees are now £1050. I shot 5 last season and the season before we put 700 down then could only shoot 3 days because of restrictions. A real shame but I can't see things changing the climate is warming, we rarely have true winters now. I think we should just pay the rent and rough shoot.
  22. They will be used as a lever to remove him.
  23. Some wonderful land I shoot on is being covered in Solar Panels, it is insanity and they are monstrous things in the middle of the countryside on Prime Land. Johnson is truly derranged and has destoyed the country in just 2 years. Carrie would shut her legs so no chance.
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