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  1. Having failed to get to the gunshop in time yesterday, I've put a box of Caledonian club 28's through it today. (Just what I had to hand.) First impressions? It's bloody loud, and will give you a proper old kick if you're not holding it absolutely right. But it works, it's easy to swing about, and it broke the clays more or less as well as my O/U with similarly snug chokes. I'm very happy with it, but yeah. Lighter loads are going to be the way forwards with this one.
  2. I don't think they're open Mon and Tues (And maybe Weds) Have a good time.
  3. I've been here 22 years. I'm sort of used to bits of it.
  4. Good point. I've got 28's which I use in my semi auto in the cupboard, but was looking at them just now, wincing and thinking 'Maybe not'..
  5. I'm in. This is mine, an AYA Yeoman, of a similar vintage to me (1974). Picked it up at auction a couple of weeks ago, (It and a Felix Sarasqueta which I won't be keeping for £60) and after having had the once over yesterday, I'll be seeing how I get on with it at the local clay ground for a box or 2. I might start to tentatively work my way up through the range, but in all likelihood I won't, unless it stops working. Which, in all likelihood, it wont.
  6. I've got to the bottom of it. I refitted the pins, but in the opposite sides to where they were when I got the gun, (as I didn't have anything better to do and I hadn't been called in from the shed for lunch) , and they fit perfectly, sit back well clear of the breech, and protrude equally then fired against a snap cap.
  7. I think I've worked out what the problem might have been...
  8. Thanks. I'll have a look tomorrow. I did wonder of there was interference somewhere. The discs undo, but come out eccentrically, and only spin 2 to 3 turns before they bind themselves to the point that I don't fancy forcing anything.
  9. If it was simply the removal, cleaning and refitting of the disc, the pin and the spring between the two, I'd be perfectly happy, but the discs don't want to come out without a fight, and I'm not comfortable with forcing anything. It's beyond economical repair, so is either scrap, or spares.
  10. On the Sarasqueta, the LHS firing pin is set further into the action when 'cocked' and only just comes proud of the face when fired. Gunsmith time or D.I.Y able? (Or scrap, it was £20)
  11. Thanks all. Seems any problems aren't completely insurmountable. I guess getting a once over by a gunsmith isnt being over cautious. They're all in proof, I just don't want anything sinister happening. Nice to see nobody needs a kidney.
  12. Hi all. I've had my ticket for 3 years, and I've just added a number of guns to my cabinet, about which I don't know a great deal. My 1st gun was (is) an Escort Magnum, which I've shot with before, bought from a friend. There's only one choke with it, and it looks pretty full. I guess alternative chokes are available easily enough, it's a mk1, and I believe a mobilchoke would fit, so a couple of them are on the list. Picked up a Lanber expert 85 O/U recently, fixed chokes at full and half. Nice and tight, if a bit tatty here and there. Again, if I can get away with opening the choke for standard steel, that's plan A, but for banging away all day at the clay ground, I could well end up retiring it if it's unsuitable for steel. At an auction a couple of weeks back I was looking for a SBS, and spotted a couple of likely candidates. For reasons I won't go into, largely around not being able to cancel an online bid once the auction is underway, I've ended up with them both. A Felix Sarasqueta Master 12g double trigger ejector with 28in barrels, full and half choke, proofed in 1965. One firing pin is proud once fired, the other a little less so. (They both pop out sharply enough into a snap cap, but one bounces back in a bit afterwards) Haven't tried a cart in it yet as I'd like it to have a once over first, but if anyone knows why / if there's anything that can / needs to be done to address it, I'm open to ideas. Whether I end up keeping it or not remains to be seen. AYA Yeoman 12g double trigger non ejector 26in barrels, full and half. Proofed in 1974 (a fine year, if I say so myself) seems perfectly serviceable, and once it's had the once over it'll be staying. It is proofed to 900kg on a 70mm chamber. Any cartridges to avoid? Suspect I won't want to put huge loads through it. If I end up using steel, the chokes will have to be opened out at the very least, but it probably isn't economical to get it reproofed for steel, so I'll bear that in mind if it becomes necessary. . There's always Bismuth I suppose. Anyone need a kidney?
  13. Hello all. I've done a spot of lurking on here in the past, but it's about time I joined up, seeing as there are 5 guns in my cabinet which are collectively worth under £100 each. (You know that thing where you see guns at an auction and can't help yourself....? I'm west of Aberdeen, and I don't consider myself good enough to shoot at live prey, so I'll be shooting at clays for a while yet. Anyway, have a good day
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