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  1. Great seeing your Jack loving it… thanks for video
  2. There’s always a bit of bias against the semi … especially with any jam or fail to fire at clays. What suites one person not necessarily the other … a gas semi great for reducing recoil but also the devils love child to another. I know people hate my using one and been shooting with them for many years. Though I favour the semi I do understand that it’s not as safe as an over under. However many semi are synthetic with great ease of adjusting fit … my scores got smashed with a lovely beretta o/u and gave it a year … went back to semi and finally got scores back up again. Clays or quarry … better fit, better mount, better shooting… my semi does it and with less recoil (better shoulder too)
  3. Heya All look forward to keeping updated and staying in touch at moment I’m getting out on the ducks n geese … tho will be hitting the pigeons again too!! I mainly shoot with hatsan escort extreme 12bore … long time serving me… and so yes had plenty experience of flaws and it’s achievements all my best BusterB
  4. Personally I use plenty of silicone and packets, but something similar to putting low 40w bulb at bottom of safe will generate airflow… it’s same principle with billtong cabinet to dry cure meat. It’s not hot… but obviously a nuisance taking space in safe a dehumidifier sounds better idea if can’t fix the root cause
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