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  1. Hi Steve, there six inches across, the reflectors are 9/10 many thanks Martin.
  2. As title, this is a very rare model I believe, dated around late 50s.its a target one from the factory, I have never seen another. Its wood has been varnished and the blueings about 7/10. Shoots good and no cracks in the stock, (they crack at the front) as for value? You might be able to tell me, £250.00 thanks. Stafford.
  3. As title, there's two one has a little light rust on the back, they have never been used and in the box's, cost a lot new I am after £100.00. Apparently they go out to three miles? Pick up Stafford or post. Thanks M post £10.00
  4. 12 bore, thanks, it shoots lovely as old as it is.
  5. As title, It's a 22 Atomic, single shot. Holds air, shoots lovely, there's one small mark on the wood, may be one for the collectors?. £250 ono, guns in Stafford.
  6. Thomas Bland, 4-5 William 1v Street London. A very nice English gun, tight action no pitting in the barrels, a few marks on the wood, bluings good. None ejector 30 ins barrels. £150.00 please. gun is in Stafford.
  7. Gun locker. H57ins. Width 10ins depth 8 ins holds 3 guns. Vgc two keys, £50.00 please, pick up Stafford.
  8. Three gears one for up hill, one for down and the other on the straight. Me dad said you don't need any more.
  9. Imagine telling folk back in its day what it would be worth full of fuel today. I have just filled one, the plastic version and yes it went over £10.00. Never thought I see that.
  10. This gun shoots as it should, the blueing is not that good the stocks been varnished but got no splits. Ideally it wants a loving home to bring it back to its former self. Or shoot it as it is. Its a very rare one me thinks with it been the target model. Any info on the rifle would be nice. £250 please poss px. Pick up Stafford.
  11. Had this for a long time, it's had new seals a few years ago, shoots as it should a lovely target rifle. The blues all good a few age related marks on the wood. £400. Please poss px on a pcp, pick up Stafford, Post ok, thanks.
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