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  1. Thank you, I went over to Mallard Barn yesterday and got a slab of Eley Select 24g but still interested if anyone has anything they wish to sell on.
  2. Hi all, Probably a bit of a long shot but am after 12 bore cartridges in or near to Suffolk. Clay loads preferred but anything considered. Just wanted to see if people had anything kicking around that they won’t use and wanted to sell on.
  3. Cheers for all your replies. I really appreciate the advice. 👍
  4. Thanks for all your replies guys. Looking around local to me I’ve seen the Fiocchi lite speed 26g 8’s seems reasonably priced. Has anyone used them?
  5. I’ve not tried these and can’t find much online. What are peoples experiences?
  6. Hi all, Hope you all had a good Xmas. I’m after your views on clay cartridges. I usually shoot with Hull Comp x 28g fibre. Whilst I find them absolutely fine, I was wondering if there were any other cartridges at a similar price point that you would recommend?
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to say happy Christmas to you all! I’m fairly new to shooting (started in the summer) and the advice I’ve seen and read on here has been invaluable.
  8. Hi guys, New member from Suffolk here, fairly new to shooting and looking to learn from some experienced members.
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