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  1. Ah not good, best to keep in the warm with that too. Migraine cleared up late afternoon so had a last minute ratting trip.
  2. Thank you for the welcomes and pointers to the vermin control sections, much appreciated. Hi Dave, I was going to ask if tonight may be any good for you. Sadly, been battling a migraine since early hours so a bit rough today and I think the weathers not too good for it either. It's jonny by the way
  3. Hi guys, I am a new member coming to say hello. I am based in Leicester. I started out shooting over 20 years ago, but due to working very long hours, I hadn't been out for a few years except the odd occasions, but have recently got back into shooting quite frequently this year. I am currently only using sub 12 air rifles for rabbiting and ratting until my FAC comes through, then I will be adding a 17HMR, although, I am expecting that to take some time due to the current backlogs. I am also a BASC member.
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