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  1. Only downloadable manual I’ve found is Status of Steel. Just because I can’t find it doesn’t mean it’s not there though. Any chance you’ve got a link?
  2. Looking for a copy of the above manual. Ed 1 or 2 (or both!) are fine. Bernard
  3. Not sure what you mean. Do you mean what would I expect from QC or what carts would I be happy to use from them? I ended up with a slab of 3s and a slab of 5s from different batch numbers. Because no one else has reported anything I’m reasonably confident in a limited balls up in that slab. in terms of personal inconvenience, when it happened I was carrying a few in my pocket for ducks when out on geese. I was shooting RC Atomic 1s at the Greylags. Just had a bit of an interruption to clear the barrel and stay on the RCs. side note: wish there was a high performance degradable wad in 1s or BBs. It’s a smaller market though. in short, I’m over it. I more ways than one. I’ve decided that I need to apply myself to the development of a few hand rolled loads to suit my exact needs for wildfowl. Bernard
  4. Status of Steel has 13 recipes for ASteel in 20g 3”. Some for 2 3/4”. BPI advantages has 15 ASteel for Steel shot as well as mixed amounts for heavy type nontoxic. There’s also 20-odd hevi shot / HW13 loads in the RSI Heavyweight book. If you’re after something specific I can have a look for you in a PM. Bernard
  5. Anyone know if a UK supplier has the Precision Reloading Lightning Steel Manual? I’m just trying to save on international postage.
  6. Cartridges back with Bioammo. Internal investigation etc. contacted by Bioammo and the Uk distributor got involved. JC replaced with different carts. Still a bit disappointed with the QC. That case must have been around 350-500grams lighter than standard based on just under 2 grams powder per cart and the numbers of uncharged cases. It should be absurdly simple to check that. Still no tales of anyone else having issues.
  7. I know this is years old but didn’t want to start a new thread when this one already has the subject: does anyone know what cases RC use? I’m thinking of reloading some RC Atomic Steel Magnum once fired and can’t work them out. Grateful if anyone can offer the answer. Bernard
  8. I missed the word “all”. I meant no QC will give a 100% guarantee.
  9. It’s an interesting perspective and my main motivation for discussing and displaying evidence in a public space to warn others of the potential issue and to allow others with similar issues to see and join any future dots. No QC will ever stop these sorts of incidents as you yourself have found and the importer, Shooting Star, have had no other reports. Can I ask what you would do rather than send back and accept the exchange?
  10. Contacted both Bioammo and JustCartridges. Bioammo say they’re treating as a serious incident etc. Investigation in progress and will come back to me. JustCartridges have been obviously excellent. They’ve already contacted the importer to enquire if any other issues reported (there are none). They are going to grab them from me and replace with something suitable but as yet undetermined (just because we haven’t decided yet that’s all). As part of the discussion with JC about my belief that it’s a dud batch I agreed to cut at least one from each box open. I have now opened 15 random cartridges including at least one from each box in the slab and 13 out of 15 had no propellant. So it’s not quite the whole case but enough to seriously undermine my confidence in this particular batch.
  11. That’s interesting. Wonder if anyone else with No 4 shot has an issue.
  12. I don’t have any with a powder charge in to compare with.
  13. Should clarify. +\- 10gn. So within about a gram and a half. Can’t find one with powder in.
  14. Weighed two boxes. All consistently within 10gn of each other and empty carts at that weight range.
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