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  1. Is it sent recorded? They are not responding to emails but I did email to ask how would I know if it has been lost in the post if you have no notification it has been approved and sent? My neighbor is a grumpy bxxxxxd that would chuck my mail in the bin if it was posted into his by mistake so it is a real possibility.
  2. That is good to know! Did you get any correspondence after the home visit or literally only know when you get it in the post?
  3. Another vote for Meindl, I have a pair of Meindl Island GTX. Comfortable out of the box, I went straight out for a 25 mile hike and my feet were fine. They have held up when beating and I must say I haven't really treated them well, just rinse the mud off before putting them away each week.
  4. Plenty powerful enough, the pellet type will not matter at the range you will be dispatching him.
  5. Have you got any pictures of this?
  6. I was already looking at this. Good price too. Yeah these are pretty good, bit pricey but at least if you drop it in the sink you don’t lose your expensive gun 😆 thank you all for the suggestions, appreciate your help.
  7. Just after some recommendations for gunslips to take out on the marsh? Guessing something that can be washed and opened fully to dry?
  8. Yeah it is a bit, I've got a lot on at the moment so it's difficult to get anything in!!! Shame though but could do some other time. I've got a call with the club tonight to chat about options etc. Let me know what he's got if he is selling anything. I'm finding most are miles away or not quite what I'm after. So if it is around Hampshire then ideal.
  9. I’m after a 3” SxS, I’ve not really set a budget. I’m still hoping to join the wildfowling club so something I can get standard steel through or at least something i’m willing to put it through. AYA yeoman/No.3 maybe.
  10. You're joking! When he was at mine he said should have it within a couple of weeks! He must have had an update from the office since! At least we have reached the final step and back to waiting 😁 Positive point is it gives me a bit more time to get some cash together for my first buy/s 😆
  11. I was interested in both Chichester or Langstone as I’m in between the 2. I believe Langstone haven’t renewed the lease on their woodland which is a shame but it has probably been shot to death anyway. yep 11 weeks in too, that was my concern about having to renew and forking out for the GP form again that it may still not be enough hearing some of the wait times of other applicants in different counties.
  12. Yes that would have been a good idea but have now missed their joining evening and payment deadline has passed. Glad to hear they have actually started just have to sit tight and wait.
  13. That’s the way I took it but as with anything official there is always different interpretations. I’m not getting irate just annoyed I’ve missed joining the wildfowling club this year and anxious to know what sort of wait we’re looking at. I’ve been browsing the sale section and guntrader since last year and just want to get my cabinet filled 😂
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