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  1. Yea you just read what you want, it doesn't surprise me Ahh that would explain alot! 😂 So welcoming you lot on here such a toxic forum
  2. I've tried being nice but push me I'm the immature one yet you've been on here bashing me for 3 days Yea I'm the immature one I don't care what your opinion is fella your hiding behind a fake photo and a fake name for all I know Keep an eye out for it you'll definitely have a mention
  3. Carry on I'll make one about why they should be made illegal in the UK and why there's no need for shooting in the UK And I'll make the video about gun laws completely wrong I won't even attempt to get anything right
  4. I will only be sharing what is readily available for anyone to find I'll be as clear as possible Yes I did plan on saying that It was on case to case basis That is a better idea though thank you I'm glad someone can see that. I wasn't asking for any bad reason I just would just like to thank you on conducting yourself professionally while speaking to me I will open another thread if needed but I've got plenty of information here to digest first I hope you don't mean I've been degrading and if I have I am sorry for that I've tried my best to be as polite as possible This will be my last message on this thread as you are right and my question has been answered Sorry if I've upset anyone hope you've all had a good Christmas and have a better new year
  5. Emotions bring you to being defensive and we are not perfect so i understand I could easily as could anyone else make a video about how guns should be banned in the UK I think people should be glad I'm not doing that but the replys I've been having you would think that's the video I'm making lol That's your opinion right there, there are loads of videos on YouTube that show guns in the UK show people shooting them etc.. Has everyone of them had a negative impact? If you're incapable of making a video about the rules of boxing when everything is layed out in front of you then if I was you probably wouldn't make any videos either I'm not trying to insult you I'm simply pointing out your ignorant because that's what your being. I can't disagree with you obviously time spent learning will make me more knowledgeable Everyone's different and learn at different paces
  6. I'm not perfect and I might immature in a sense but who isn't? When you are being discourteous I can call you ignorant When you are not reading what I write and commenting the same stuff I can call you ignorant When someone says something about me while not knowing me or what I know that's ignorant I've said multiple times in not doing a written dissertation I'm doing a video with me speaking. I'm here trying to learn.. trying to find out the answers to questions that I don't know That's more like that could be another video for another time that! Funny thing is I don't need a license to make a video about guns in the UK either Ahh yes! That seems to fit very well lol I will take a look of that film if I was here slating guns and the laws I could see why the hostility. But I'm not I came here to make sure I didn't put nothing wrong in there A few members have been more than helpful and some of the unhelpful has also been helpful in a way lol That's fair I suppose I can only reassure them there's not ill motive Ive been as open as possible even shared my socials with them But yes I do think they've been answered I've gotten more help than I could do hoped for! I'm very grateful for the help
  7. I'm going to assume that's a film? Oh is it? I thought it was a gun forum for everyone in the UK not like your trying to get rid of someone you don't like then? Question has been answered Yes am I not allowed to ask questions for a video? Would you rather it be full of mistakes? I simply came on here out of respect I wouldn't want to put the wrong information out there People are over reacting.. They've got a week off work and are bored and want to moan about things No I won't because I won't use photos that are copyright protected
  8. Anything that's written in black and white I will put in the video anything that is upto interpretation or for anything that's decided by the local authoritys E.g. The ammount of ammo allowed to be kept (fac) I will leave out. Thing is I'm allowed to make a complete hash of it if I want If I was going to do that do you really think I would of come on here asking for information? No I would of just made the video and uploaded it You are making yourself look like idiots lol I do need to do that for you. You are just ignorant to say that you don't know what I know you're assuming I have the legislation written In front of me so please tell me how that's wrong? I've said why I asked for that.. Honestly morons If I was doing a video on a mclaren for example and I went onto a mclaren forum asking for help on something I would ask if anyone wants a picture of their car in the video how is it any different to asking about a picture of a gun? You all just seem to be going way to deep into this. And yet were still going strong
  9. Who said I know nothing about the subject? Becuase I haven't got my sgc or fac I automatically know nothing is it? You don't know me what I do or what I know that's the simple fact here Ammo though yes I was confused on that that's why I came here to get information I'm not arguing with you just having a conversation you thinking it's an argument says it all...
  10. Its your opinion and your entitled to it even though you are wrong What's wrong in asking to see pictures of people's guns then? Illegal is it? I'm trying to talk about guns and everyone seems to want to shut me down about it You are wrong 1000% Why don't you have a go instead of having a cry about it?
  11. I can get guns off Google images and I will just thought I'd offer the opportunity to anyone on here that wanted to show their gun off in a video. Maybe 6 minutes won't be long enough have you all really got to pick at stupid things like how long it's on for lol? It's not set in stone that it's 6 minutes it's an estimation if you wasn't so lazy and actually read what was written you would see im not doing the "whole UK gun legislation"
  12. Yes people are 100% unaware on what they can own and shoot I have definitely mixed my words up you are spot on with that. After thinking about it over night I've decided not to add ammo information into it as there is so much to it and I wouldn't want to get anything wrong I will still go through all the link you have sent me though I appreciate that. So you have a cry when news reporters get something wrong is it? "The ownership and licensing of firearms in the uk is legislated. It is covered (in detail) by the Firearms Act 1968 and its subsequent updates (the latest being issued on Dec 20th this year)." exactly! So what's the problem in me copying what they have said is legislation? You know alot of people won't just go read about this sort of stuff but if a 6 minute video comes up they will watch that Its getting the correct information out there for people to see I will not be adding the gun laws from Scotland and Ireland as they differ from Wales and England But thank you for the link I'll have a read of it You can if you want.. It won't stop me from making my video but your more than welcome There's alot of good information been shared on here I am going to make this video I really don't care if I upset anyone by doing so I'm not trying to be a **** here I just really Don't care I will make sure ALL information is factually correct before posting it just seem alot of people with big egos on here love to have a cry about something and I'm that something tonight lol I'd love if anyone wanted to send my pictures of their guns to add to the video?
  13. Very thick skinned I can take what ever you guy wana throw at me and I'll keep coming back. Yes I've noticed that, anything that is open to interpretation will be noted as such. 'Ive seen the recent changes and I will make sure to add that the video I will be making will be upto date to the day I post it but will be subject to change in the future . Thank you for this you really didn't have to, this is the kinda thing we should be talking about look how much information is layed out on this thread... I will take my time to go through and read all of this aswell as checking it out on the official websites A very good base term of reference thank again! So first off here Im not a gun activist I agree with every law that we have that attends to guns and most other things I'm not here to say we should or should not be able to do things/have I'm just here to make it clear what we are allowed to have Yes I think taboo is the wrong word im trying to use there I mean it's not openly talked about unless there is a shooting then people only talk about the bad side of owning guns
  14. Not the UK gun laws sorry.. but owning guns in the UK is taboo or it is in my limited experience
  15. Its nice to find common ground I think alot of people agree with that though when used safely and correctly they can be awesome fun My interest in making this video actually came from a YouTube short I seen, some guy from America was shooting a .22 I commented on there saying " the biggest calibre that we are allowed in semi automatic rifles was .22" and there was so many people that didn't even realise that guns were legal in the UK I feel like a video explaining; licensing, prohibited firearms, what the UK law defines as a pistol/rifle/shotgun What the difference in the SGC and FAC is And just showing some guns that people have and can legal buy in the UK Could only get people in the UK more interested in finding out more about firearms and in turn hopefully get rid of the stigma that comes with them and also it can educate people from across the pond in what we can own. But I can see why you would think it was from my other videos they are only call of duty game clips I stream on twitch so I put some compilations on my YouTube the videos don't save on twitch so I would loose them if I didn't put them in YouTube I'm fine with anyone going through my socials and I'm actually for that it makes sense to do it.
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