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  1. Unfortunately not, it has a slightly higher comb than the ATA SP that I have used at my last 2 lessons . The ATA is a completely standard model, and has the same length of pull as the Marocchi , i have got on really well with the ATA and would happily buy one . I seen this, and as somebody that likes something a little different from the mainstream I have fell in love with it. Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve had my son over this weekend and we were out most of today walking my new puppy Staffordshire Bullterrier
  2. I’m located in Birmingham, the gun is on sale at Solware in Tamworth.
  3. I have been looking around for my first gun, one that has caught my eye is this Marochi Evo . 12 gauge with extended chokes , 30 inch barrels with the nickel action, ABS case I’m aware that Marochi have gone out of business but the warranty is being underwritten by Breda who have taken on the liability. £550 brand new . Anybody else own one of these or has experience of them ?
  4. I’ve been in contact with the firearms licensing department at West Mercia Police today. I was told by them that they are only now processing grant / renewals for shotgun licences from August 2nd . Anybody else suffering with waiting times of nearly 5 months . ? By my calculations, the earliest I can expect to see any return on my application is now April , does that seem excessive ?
  5. Anywhere that I could see a list of what you have ?
  6. I wish I'd joined this forum before seeing the quack. I'd be £40 better off if I had 😥😥
  7. Has anybody used Shotgun Medicals.com to bypass the ridiculous charges that doctors ask for ? He is charging £60 to process a medical certificate and is quoting 3 days turn around if you can supply him with your medical records or online access to your records
  8. Just applied for my SGC and my doctor charged £100 !!
  9. This is the Lanber that has taken my interest https://www.airgunspares.com/210519003-pre-owned-lanber-sporting-gold.html
  10. Going to a clay ground is something i would definitely consider, however i have called a couple close to where i live and i have to say that the response has been underwhelming. I am considering giving the oxford gun company a call and booking an appointment with them, even though it would entail driving from Birmingham to Oxford, as they have been the only clayground that i have contacted that have shown any real interest
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