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  1. Andy RV

    Spuhr 30mm Mount

    Spuhr SP3601 30mm to picatinny rail, 6 Mil / 20.6 MOA. Mint condition, used a couple of times on my Tikka .308 with a S&B 3-12x50 PMI. £250 Or nearest offer.Cheers,Andy
  2. Andy RV

    Tikka t3x but which one?..

    CTR. Far better steel mag than the other Tikka’s.
  3. Andy RV

    Gun Slip for a 3 band Enfield

    Any chance of any pictures of said slip??
  4. I’m using 8.5gr of unique behind the Lapua 200gr subsonic bullet in my 308, it’s very quiet! The next problem you’ve got is finding a suitable bullet, you want something very delicate so it will expand at low velocity. Sometimes it’s easier to stick with a .22!
  5. Andy RV

    Best military surplus outlets.

    Endicotts is good!
  6. Andy RV

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    2 magpie and a crow last weekend. 508
  7. Andy RV

    Scope trouble

    It’s ******** You can send it back to them for repair.
  8. Andy RV

    Pricing green timber for milling.

    Have a look on the Arbtalk forum! https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/forum/67-milling-forum/
  9. Andy RV

    How to zero a scope with a single shot

    Fine if you can be sure you haven’t moved the rifle but without a vice that’s not easily done!
  10. Andy RV

    Cheap Nightmaster 800's

    Get them while you can, £55; https://www.nightmaster.co.uk/collections/stock-clearance-sale/products/clearance-sale-night-master-800?variant=5760213483549 Andy
  11. Andy RV

    Warne 30mm & 1" Rings

    Sold Sold Sold!
  12. Andy RV

    Warne 30mm & 1" Rings

    30mm rings sold, 1" still available
  13. Andy RV

    Warne 30mm & 1" Rings

    Warne 30mm & 1" rings, both sets are medium height and fit onto a picatinny rail. Very good condition. 30mm - £33 posted 1" - £28 postedCheers,Andy
  14. Andy RV

    Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50 Scope