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  1. How to zero a scope with a single shot

    Fine if you can be sure you haven’t moved the rifle but without a vice that’s not easily done!
  2. Cheap Nightmaster 800's

    Get them while you can, £55; https://www.nightmaster.co.uk/collections/stock-clearance-sale/products/clearance-sale-night-master-800?variant=5760213483549 Andy
  3. Warne 30mm & 1" Rings

    Sold Sold Sold!
  4. Warne 30mm & 1" Rings

    30mm rings sold, 1" still available
  5. Warne 30mm & 1" Rings

    Warne 30mm & 1" rings, both sets are medium height and fit onto a picatinny rail. Very good condition. 30mm - £33 posted 1" - £28 postedCheers,Andy
  6. Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50 Scope

  7. Here for sale is my Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50 Scope, I've owned this scope for approx. 6 months since purchasing it new from optics warehouse.It's in very good condition, the only minus points I can state is some very minor marks on the parallax wheel and a very small mark on the objective lens which I've attempted to photograph, the lens cap has also split slightly. It will come in the original box with all paperwork ect.Specification;30mm Alloy TubeVMR-1 MRAD Reticle in the second focal plane - at x18 mag the reticle coincides with the turrets for adjustment.MRAD Turrets with zero stop on the elevation.Price - £400 posted special delivery. Payment by bank transfer or paypal friends & family. Cheers,Andy
  8. 42gr Winchester problems

    Just put 50 42gr winchesters through my HW66 with no problems. Bought them a couple of months ago but perhaps they're an older batch?...
  9. Scope mounted torch, recommendations?

    I've got a NM800 which is good however for the money those ludicrous lumens have got to be worth a look!
  10. Richter optik scopes

    Can you stretch to this?.. http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread.php?815766-Lisenfield-6x42-spezial It will be a better scope than anything from the Far East at that price.
  11. used 7.5x55 swiss Brass

    Payment sent
  12. used 7.5x55 swiss Brass

    I'll take the 100 unused cases please. PM on the way... Cheers, Andy
  13. 17 Hornet Cleaning Kit

    Parker hale make a .17 rod. I like the pro-shot jags.
  14. Reloading 223.

    Yep I've done it before when the case mouth has bitten into the bullet jacket.
  15. CZ Verses Tikka in 223

    Here's a nice tikka for you: https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/139684-223-Tikka-T3