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  1. The CQB is shorter than the standard Jet Z compact. I’ve got a CQB on a Sako in 223, it’s a nice mod but heavy, I’ve also had the Ase Utra SL5i which I’d say is better buy, lighter (350g), smaller and just as effective.
  2. That will fly on a 14” bar!
  3. A tea spoon or two or citric acid from eBay and a squirt of washing up liquid.
  4. Basically new steel Leupold 30mm rings for the CZ 527, medium height. £45 posted uk
  5. Hello,I’ve got a zeiss 6x42 on a 1” tube for sale. Includes bikini covers and the manual. Very good condition as the pictures so. One very small mark to the paint as shown in the picture.£225 posted RM special delivery.
  6. The 35gr Vmax is a stubby little bullet, the more aerodynamic 40gr would probably be a better choice is light and fast is what you’re after.
  7. Sounds good! The issue I’ve had with the lee push through sizer is having enough resistance between the bullet and sizing die to seat the gas checks securely.
  8. How fast as you planning on pushing them? And how are you fitting the gas checks? If you’re using a lubesizer I’d lube at the same time, if you’re using a push through sizer try the allox, it’s quick and easy! Have you slugged you’re bore and how do you’re bullets compare? They want to be approx. 0.002” larger or you’re likely to get leading which is easily mistaken for a lack of lube.
  9. I’ve had expanding bullets from sportsman through the post with no issues.
  10. Factory tikka synthetic stocks often pop up on eBay and the stalking directory forum, they normally go for £50 - £100.
  11. I’m after a pair of low 34mm optilock rings if anyone has some spare? Cheers
  12. Interesting, thank you. I had a feeling it was old but not that old! Heres a picture of the proof marks;
  13. OB, can I be cheeky as ask if my GP appears in your book? The serial number is 3323. Thanks!
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