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  1. I’m after a pair of low 34mm optilock rings if anyone has some spare? Cheers
  2. Interesting, thank you. I had a feeling it was old but not that old! Heres a picture of the proof marks;
  3. OB, can I be cheeky as ask if my GP appears in your book? The serial number is 3323. Thanks!
  4. In which cartridge? .223? And what bullet weight? While N120 is suitable with light bullets in .223 I doubt it’s many people’s first choice!
  5. The universal oil - Ballistol. You can use it safely on metal and wood. Mineral oils will damage the wood overtime and make them spongy.
  6. One centerfire?..... I don't understand!! 😱 😂
  7. Optilock Rings - 34mm Very good condition, £60 posted.
  8. Spuhr SP3601 30mm to picatinny rail, 6 Mil / 20.6 MOA. Mint condition, used a couple of times on my Tikka .308 with a S&B 3-12x50 PMI. £250 Or nearest offer.Cheers,Andy
  9. CTR. Far better steel mag than the other Tikka’s.
  10. Any chance of any pictures of said slip??
  11. I’m using 8.5gr of unique behind the Lapua 200gr subsonic bullet in my 308, it’s very quiet! The next problem you’ve got is finding a suitable bullet, you want something very delicate so it will expand at low velocity. Sometimes it’s easier to stick with a .22!
  12. It’s ******** You can send it back to them for repair.
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