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  1. No offers I'm afraid, not that fussed at the minute if it goes or not.. Don't have an issue with doing the rfd along as the costs are covered. Cheers Jamie
  2. i thinking of storing a load in my shed/workshop. Coldest it drops to is 9, but most nights in the winter its sitting around 13
  3. yes will use that, easy to change also if it rips.. will hold off till spring
  4. updated pics of the bike cave, now with electrics and wokbench
  5. Just lined the shed floor with insulation and chipboard, as i will be using the shed to work on my bike i need to protect the chipboard from spillages. What kind of paint or sealant could i use to protect the chipboard? cheers roadkill
  6. You might be ok, only downside to this is you have had both a criminal event and depression.... I was up crown court for violent disorder 17 years ago, I have both a sgc and fac.....
  7. Or wet behind the ears like I was 15 years ago when I joined the forum, but lucky for me I got a response and have been happily shooting away since. But I would say the best way to get land is offer help beating on a local shoot or drive round looking for crop damage and offer to shoot that field as a one off and build the foundations from there.....
  8. roadkill


    Rumor has it that its Corbyn flying the drones around Gatwick today so the news crew leave him alone
  9. I had an old Hawke scope that I sent back to be repaired, but its past its use and they have offered me 50% discount on any new scope... I have had a look and don't really know their brand so after some advise... The scope is to be mounted on a .243 and its primary use will be for stalking and its secondary use now and then will be a bit of fun at the range and the odd bit of lamping foxes... Which model would suit me? https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/ Jamie
  10. I was thinking about this one, as i want the garden sockets on a separate switch as it controls the koi pond..
  11. bnq was just nearer, also have a screw fix near
  12. think i'm more confused now than ever, i might go for elbow height and have a stool,i wanted it lower so i could sit down when working
  13. Planning the electrics in my shed-workshop... Can anyone help me on which consumer unit i would require from bnq? Going to be running a ring main of 6 sockets, 3 led batten lights, security light on outside of shed and a outside double socket for the garden.... I won't be wiring this up but i want to install and insulate around the parts before i call an electrician.. jamie
  14. Good evening all, Just insulating my shed at the minute ready to turn it into my reloading and bike tinkering den! Anyone know an ideal workbench height to save the back from any pain, was thinking around 37" Next, what kind of lighting should I be looking at? so many to choose from. Jamie
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