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  1. Looking for some recommendations on places to stop and fishing packages.. A few of us are looking at stopping up Scotland in a nice quite stone lodge for four days around spring time, ideally near the river tweed but open to suggestions. We would like to do a couple of days Salmon fishing with a guide with all the gear supplied, has anyone done anything like this and have any recommendations Cheers Jamie
  2. roadkill


    Yes she is, amazing track weapon
  3. roadkill


    I love spending hours in my shed tinkering on anything that is powered by fuel and normally has no more than two wheels. The smell of 2 stroke and engines is amazing when walking in first thing in the morning
  4. Cheers all, lots to go off. Will be having a day on them channels, the wife will love that Jamie
  5. Just coming over from the shooting side of the forum for some Newbie advice. Done a bit of carp and recreational fishing in the past so not a total novice, but really want to have a crack at sea bass fishing.. so any info on laws, licenses, best uk places, beach set up or boat, charter boat prices and kit for a beginner would be great. Also any YouTube recommendations? Cheers all Jamie
  6. roadkill

    Beretta choke

    Looking for a flush beretta modified choke 1/2 This is to fit my 694 Cheers Jamie
  7. I thought she was Anne, but yes 100%
  8. The team had a great day with such a friendly bunch of beaters, the weather was against us but we still enjoyed it and can't wait to book a couple of days next year. Thanks Tom Jamie
  9. I ignored my doctors letter with the bill, still got my licence. Lets see what gets said when I come to renew in the next five years..,..
  10. Did you all have a successful season? So what do you all make with the crop? Will definitely be giving this a go in 2020
  11. Got my new license for my sgc a week ago and today i get a letter from the docs asking for 40quid for a letter to the feo. As i have my licence should i just ignore?
  12. sold, pending collection on Wednesday
  13. "FAC holders only" 300 rounds £60 Think I also have a box with 20 in that I will also chuck with this lot collection from Castle donington Next to east midlands airport Jamie
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