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  1. She is 70% good, lots of oil leaking from around the heads and main crank case, frame has quite a few marks on it, electrics need looking at and the rear shock has seen better days
  2. cheers all for the great comments, will be changing the electrics and as for the aftermarket exhausts these will be returned back to the standard pipes.. Started to strip down the main frame, now making loads of notes to how it all fits back together
  3. Meet the November lockdown project, it's a Ducati 916 Biposto 1998. Plan is to strip the engine and take the rest down to the frame, repaint, replate every nut and bolt and have it looking like it did 22 years ago! Youtube will be the fountain of knowledge for this crazy winter project..
  4. During the first lockdown in March I decided I needed to keep my mind active and healthy, so i decided to strip, clean and rebuild my trials bike! This was a great learning experience for a novice like myself who before this had only done a basic oil change... I now have the bug and am now working on a Ducati 916, pictures will follow
  5. I will get a post up in the diy section, it's been on my to do list for quite some time
  6. Absolutely gutted, been working on restoring a 20 year old 916! Plan was to take it to the 2021 classic TT and take it around the course
  7. Just put another nail in the shooting coffin, they really need to think about what they share on social media
  8. Looking for some recommendations on places to stop and fishing packages.. A few of us are looking at stopping up Scotland in a nice quite stone lodge for four days around spring time, ideally near the river tweed but open to suggestions. We would like to do a couple of days Salmon fishing with a guide with all the gear supplied, has anyone done anything like this and have any recommendations Cheers Jamie
  9. roadkill


    Yes she is, amazing track weapon
  10. roadkill


    I love spending hours in my shed tinkering on anything that is powered by fuel and normally has no more than two wheels. The smell of 2 stroke and engines is amazing when walking in first thing in the morning
  11. Cheers all, lots to go off. Will be having a day on them channels, the wife will love that Jamie
  12. Just coming over from the shooting side of the forum for some Newbie advice. Done a bit of carp and recreational fishing in the past so not a total novice, but really want to have a crack at sea bass fishing.. so any info on laws, licenses, best uk places, beach set up or boat, charter boat prices and kit for a beginner would be great. Also any YouTube recommendations? Cheers all Jamie
  13. roadkill

    Beretta choke

    Looking for a flush beretta modified choke 1/2 This is to fit my 694 Cheers Jamie
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