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  1. E700 Camera Camera housing that is designed to fit onto a scope end Small monitor Two x batts and charger to power both the camera and monitor Rifle stock bullet pouch, which also holds the batts IR Torch witch Battery - USB charger £60 Collection from Castle donington, but will post if buyer covers the cost Jamie
  2. roadkill

    Evo torch

    Evo torch £20 no batts included Collection from castle donington or I can arrange postage as long as the buyer covers the cost.. Built For the Hunter Designed for the hunter, the Evo Torch is built with weight and balance in mind. An overweight Torch will unbalance your rifle and rapidly leave your arms feeling dead and heavy. The Evo’s slim and sleek design means less weight on your rifle. Which will give you an all-round better night hunting experience with no negative impact on your aim. Power. What is a Torch without it? The Evo 50 has massive throwing power, fitted with a 50mm aspheric lens, it will give you identical results to the Night Master NM800! It will comfortably light up targets 300m away! Each LED has been chosen to provide the perfect balance of throwing distance, brightness and power consumption. It's the high quality 50mm lens and the carefully selected LED that enables this torch to outperform all others in its class. Packed With Features Fitted with a 50mm aspheric lens, the beam is fully adjustable from full flood to light up a wide area, to a tight spot beam to spot targets way out in the distance. Included with the Evo torch is a battery extension tube, this gives you the option of using one or two battery cells. Giving you both a torch that can be ultra compact and provide extended run time. Rapid change LED pills are a unique feature of the Evo torch. LED pills can be quickly changed by hand in the field. Simply swap your led pill to change the colour of your beam, and unlike filters there is no loss of power! The Evo torch also has interchangeable heads. Each Evo head will give you a different maximum range. This means you can use the same torch with multiple heads for air rifles through to centerfire rifles.
  3. roadkill

    28g carts

    All 28g unless I'm going mad, and all eley.. And for those easily confused, ignore the black gold box they are stored in
  4. Having a clear out of scope mounts, as have gained quite a collection Also a few spare parts from a DIY NV build £20.. Leicestershire but will post if buyer covers the cost
  5. roadkill

    28g carts

    I have one box of 28g carts, free to anybody who drops by castle donington.
  6. Lets just ban all guns, then things like this can never happen again Long live the snowflakes
  7. Hand bars for taking kids on motorcycles £5 leicestershire
  8. Extra small size 51 brand new helmet. £30 I would never normally sell a helmet as I would want to know the history as it's a life saving device. But this was bought last year for my 8 year old daughter to have a go on dads bike. Worn twice only. This really is brand new and perfect for a little one . Castle donington leicestershire
  9. It states medium but I'm definitely a large and it fits with jumper and waste coat
  10. Used a handful of times, great condition and from a smoke and pet free house £40 Collection from castle donington leicestershire but will deliver if postage is covered Jamie
  11. cheers for the information, I have cancelled basc today :-) Cheers Jamie
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