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  1. 100% spot on, I think are generation is the last to enjoy such past times as hunting, fishing and even racing, such a shame my grandkids probably won't enjoy the same freedoms as myself. This post is a fine example that even us on the inside can't agree and this will eventually be our undoing and the end to all field sports
  2. Very sad to read this, my thoughts to his family and friends.. RIP
  3. roadkill

    DBS check

    I wouldn't even worry about it, I have to do a CTC ( counter terrorism check) and it's not flagged on there.
  4. Will add it to my must watch list, currently watching our Yorkshire farm on channel five, this is also a very good farming series
  5. Well it's certainly a strange year with the cold wet weather still continuing, but the chilli plants are still on the move! How's everyone else's looking?
  6. I have a soft spot for chocolate habaneros, quite warm but have an amazing earthy taste. Some great plants being grown this year from the pw guys.. What do you all plan to do with the produce?
  7. All out and in the tunnel, very pleased with the results do far
  8. Potted mine into their final pots and will be moved to the polytunnel tomorrow
  9. Potted them up to 1 litre pots and also ordered the final 10 litre pots ready for when they go outside. Also started to erect the polytunnel today
  10. Got out for an hour today looking for a perch. The river never offered one up, but i made do for this small gudgeon. Another ticked off the list, not sure of the weight but it was about 8cm long
  11. I have them growing in a 5ftx2ftx2ft grow tent, no additional heat, T5 light unit which keeps the heat in the 20s, also have a mini fan for airflow Gave them a watering today, currently watering every 4,5 days from the bottom only
  12. Good luck with the germination and I look forward to the updates pal
  13. They have gone mad in the last couple of weeks, will be time to pot them up soon..
  14. So sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you
  15. I started to put a list together last night, please let me know if any more need adding as I am also a newbie to fishing so this was the perfect challenge for me as it will allow me to try many different ways of fishing. That was my first pike ever yesterday, and yes I nearly did poop myself haha.. I thought an additional point for eel, grass carp and zander as they're quite rare to catch..
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