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  1. Cheers both, any recommendations on a mig unit? Just looked on ebay and it's like a mine field
  2. Quick update, she's 90% done and looking like new again, hopefully she will be on the road and attending local shows by the end of this month. I would like to take some credit for the rebuild but I cannot, life changed and I ended up in a new role at work which meant spending 75% of the year in Europe away from the family and bike. I found a local ducati company in Coventry who have done the restoration rebuild.. I'm sure the bikers will love these pics
  3. 25 years ago I did my apprenticeship in welding and fabrication, I continued this trade for a few years until I moved into aviation and have been there ever since... I would like to start playing around and making a few different projects.. I would like to make things like the picture attached and wonder what kind of welding unit would be better... in my days it was all gas, mig and stick welding. I now see that tig is quite popular so really unsure what unit to purchase... Cheers Jamie
  4. Don't forget the loo roll also
  5. My wife cleans up before the cleaner comes, I just don't get it!
  6. Rip Harnser, a top guy with some top posts
  7. Gone fishing tonight on bbc2, always makes me smile
  8. I'm back in the UK on the 19th, so will definitely be dropping in on the 21st. Will look out for the black hat
  9. Good day Dunks, I didn't realise lakeside was open on Sundays... me and my mate should be there in a couple of weeks if you fancy a round Jamie
  10. Looks like angling direct is the next one to have been hit by the hackers and had user data compromised!
  11. 100% spot on, I think are generation is the last to enjoy such past times as hunting, fishing and even racing, such a shame my grandkids probably won't enjoy the same freedoms as myself. This post is a fine example that even us on the inside can't agree and this will eventually be our undoing and the end to all field sports
  12. Very sad to read this, my thoughts to his family and friends.. RIP
  13. roadkill

    DBS check

    I wouldn't even worry about it, I have to do a CTC ( counter terrorism check) and it's not flagged on there.
  14. Will add it to my must watch list, currently watching our Yorkshire farm on channel five, this is also a very good farming series
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