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  1. 4 hours ago, rosshouse said:

    Your plants are looking great. What are the conditions  are you growing them in, temp. light?


    I have them growing in a 5ftx2ftx2ft grow tent, no additional heat, T5 light unit which keeps the heat in the 20s, also have a mini fan for airflow 

    Gave them a watering today, currently watering every 4,5 days from the bottom only 


  2. 25 minutes ago, chrisjpainter said:

    Well that sounds like a barrel of laughs! Have you got a full list of your targets? how are you defining 'course'? Do grayling count? what about game fish caught on coarse tackle?? what about mullet?? Brill start for ye; crack on sir, you have the honour of Pigeonwatch at stake!

    I started to put a list together last night, please let me know if any more need adding as I am also a newbie to fishing so this was the perfect challenge for me as it will allow me to try many different ways of fishing.  That was my first pike ever yesterday, and yes I nearly did poop myself haha.. I thought an additional point for eel, grass carp and zander as they're quite rare to catch..




  3. As lockdown comes to an end me and a few mates have set up a competition for 2021 to catch as many uk coarse fish species! A point will be awarded for each species and at the end of the season an extra point to the person who has the heaviest weight.. I kicked off my hunt yesterday with a 8lbs 5 pike 


  4. Cheers all, I will contact my feo, bonus is we're under the same force.  I have no interest in anymore guns but am happy for them to stay at mine for how ever long she needs as this was a very unexpected death and as we can all imagine,  she must have a million issues before it comes to what is going to happen  with them. 

    No alarm bells need to be ringing



  5. After some advice on the following. 

    Just recieved a call of a work mate who's father has just past away and he has a few shotguns.  She has asked if I would put them on my ticket and store them until they decided what to do with them later down the line.. 

    As she is a non licence holder how do we go about the process of adding them to mine?



  6. 7 minutes ago, Pangolin said:

    A light box helps to really give them a headstart during these months, as soon as they sprout I put them in a polystyrene box thats lined with tin foin and massive 6500k lamp.

    I have something similar that I hope will work, at the minute it's on it's side so that the main T5s are an inch off the propagator lid


    4 minutes ago, Mungler said:

    I’m kicking my seeds off this weekend.

    The key secret is clingfilm.

    That is all.

    Do share? 


  7. 20 minutes ago, Ratlegs said:

    I've got Birds eye seeds saved from last year

    and plants overwintering

    for exotic types have a look World of Chillies  somewhere near Manchester

    They have seeds and plants  plus a very helpful website as to growing

    plant feeding and pest control

    They have been very helpful to me with plant ID

    Will take a look, I watch chilli chump on YouTube,  he goes from the growing process all the way to fermenting the chillis ready for the hot sauce. Cant wait to see how these turn out.


    17 minutes ago, Pangolin said:

    I'll be doing some in Feb, start in the prop and then into the light box. Will defo be growing Trinidad Moruga (my favourite) maybe some other super hots. Did about 8 types last year but thinking of doing 3 types with the Kratky method on big tubs.






    Looks like you have a nice selection of heat and flavour there for 2021 season 👌 

    Looks a good setup and that chilli looks quite cool also, will note that down for next year.

  8. So who's taking the plunge this year and growing their own Chilli plants? My plan is to go from seed to sauce and make a nice hot sauce at the end of it. So far I have sown the following 

    Piri piri


    Chocolate habanero 

    Scotch bonnets 

    Curry chilli

    Padron peppers 

    Yellow bhut jolokia






  9. 7 minutes ago, Dunkield said:

    Looks very clean, I wouldn't have thought it needs masses doing to it.

    Belts while it is apart of course, Ducati people always obsess about belts....

    She is 70% good, lots of oil leaking from around the heads and main crank case, frame has quite a few marks on it, electrics need looking at and the rear shock has seen better days 

  10. cheers all for the great comments, will be changing the electrics and as for the aftermarket exhausts these will be returned back to the standard pipes..

    Started to strip down the main frame, now making loads of notes to how it all fits back together 












    123452655_10164380902805321_2528280371563251004_n (1).jpg

  11. Meet the November lockdown project,  it's a Ducati 916 Biposto 1998. Plan is to strip the engine and take the rest down to the frame,  repaint, replate every nut and bolt and have it looking like it did 22 years ago! Youtube will be the fountain of knowledge for this crazy winter project..




  12. During the first lockdown in March I decided I needed to keep my mind active and healthy,  so i decided to strip,  clean and rebuild my trials bike! This was a great learning experience for a novice like myself who before this had only done a basic oil change... 


    I now have the bug and am now working on a Ducati 916, pictures will follow








  13. Just now, figgy said:

    Where did 20 years go, I remember a fella I worked with on and off for years buying a new Ducati 916 in a nice red.  Last I spoke to him he still had and bought a Diavel, don't think he ever sells his old ones.

    Put some pics up as you finish it, be nice to see 👍

    I will get a post up in the diy section,  it's been on my to do list for quite some time

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