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    Evo torch

    Evo torch £20 no batts included Collection from castle donington or I can arrange postage as long as the buyer covers the cost.. Built For the Hunter Designed for the hunter, the Evo Torch is built with weight and balance in mind. An overweight Torch will unbalance your rifle and rapidly leave your arms feeling dead and heavy. The Evo’s slim and sleek design means less weight on your rifle. Which will give you an all-round better night hunting experience with no negative impact on your aim. Power. What is a Torch without it? The Evo 50 has massive throwing po
  2. All 28g unless I'm going mad, and all eley.. And for those easily confused, ignore the black gold box they are stored in
  3. Having a clear out of scope mounts, as have gained quite a collection Also a few spare parts from a DIY NV build £20.. Leicestershire but will post if buyer covers the cost
  4. roadkill

    28g carts

    I have one box of 28g carts, free to anybody who drops by castle donington.
  5. Lets just ban all guns, then things like this can never happen again Long live the snowflakes
  6. Hand bars for taking kids on motorcycles £5 leicestershire
  7. Extra small size 51 brand new helmet. £30 I would never normally sell a helmet as I would want to know the history as it's a life saving device. But this was bought last year for my 8 year old daughter to have a go on dads bike. Worn twice only. This really is brand new and perfect for a little one . Castle donington leicestershire
  8. It states medium but I'm definitely a large and it fits with jumper and waste coat
  9. Used a handful of times, great condition and from a smoke and pet free house £40 Collection from castle donington leicestershire but will deliver if postage is covered Jamie
  10. cheers for the information, I have cancelled basc today :-) Cheers Jamie
  11. Good evening all, I have finally started to take clay pigeon more seriously and start doing some competitions, as most of the ones i want to have a go at are cpsa ran it means i have had to join them, I am also a member of basc. Now i really don't want to be paying out to both but i still want to know that i have the correct cover, Will the cpsa cover me for when i do the odd beaters day and the odd walked up shooting or will i still need basc for this? Cheers Jamie
  12. cheers all, already planning on where i can squeeze another in the garden
  13. Well I've finally finished the workshop / shed. It's not as impressive as some on here and its quite small but it gets me out of the house and in my own space to tinker. Now need to kick off some DIY projects and get some reloading gear. Roadkill
  14. roadkill


    Very sad to watch all that history go up in flames, not sure how much of the art and treasures they can save 😞
  15. I've bumped into him quite a few times on the quorn hunt, even had a port with him at an estate next to east Midlands airport
  16. No offers I'm afraid, not that fussed at the minute if it goes or not.. Don't have an issue with doing the rfd along as the costs are covered. Cheers Jamie
  17. i thinking of storing a load in my shed/workshop. Coldest it drops to is 9, but most nights in the winter its sitting around 13
  18. yes will use that, easy to change also if it rips.. will hold off till spring
  19. updated pics of the bike cave, now with electrics and wokbench
  20. Just lined the shed floor with insulation and chipboard, as i will be using the shed to work on my bike i need to protect the chipboard from spillages. What kind of paint or sealant could i use to protect the chipboard? cheers roadkill
  21. You might be ok, only downside to this is you have had both a criminal event and depression.... I was up crown court for violent disorder 17 years ago, I have both a sgc and fac.....
  22. Or wet behind the ears like I was 15 years ago when I joined the forum, but lucky for me I got a response and have been happily shooting away since. But I would say the best way to get land is offer help beating on a local shoot or drive round looking for crop damage and offer to shoot that field as a one off and build the foundations from there.....
  23. roadkill


    Rumor has it that its Corbyn flying the drones around Gatwick today so the news crew leave him alone
  24. I had an old Hawke scope that I sent back to be repaired, but its past its use and they have offered me 50% discount on any new scope... I have had a look and don't really know their brand so after some advise... The scope is to be mounted on a .243 and its primary use will be for stalking and its secondary use now and then will be a bit of fun at the range and the odd bit of lamping foxes... Which model would suit me? https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/ Jamie
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