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  1. I was thinking about this one, as i want the garden sockets on a separate switch as it controls the koi pond..
  2. bnq was just nearer, also have a screw fix near
  3. think i'm more confused now than ever, i might go for elbow height and have a stool,i wanted it lower so i could sit down when working
  4. Planning the electrics in my shed-workshop... Can anyone help me on which consumer unit i would require from bnq? Going to be running a ring main of 6 sockets, 3 led batten lights, security light on outside of shed and a outside double socket for the garden.... I won't be wiring this up but i want to install and insulate around the parts before i call an electrician.. jamie
  5. Good evening all, Just insulating my shed at the minute ready to turn it into my reloading and bike tinkering den! Anyone know an ideal workbench height to save the back from any pain, was thinking around 37" Next, what kind of lighting should I be looking at? so many to choose from. Jamie
  6. these are brill, just oil if wet as they rust quick
  7. so sorry to hear this, thoughts with you and your family
  8. he's back getting air time https://news.sky.com/story/conservationists-warn-uk-faces-ecological-apocalypse-as-native-species-go-extinct-11504731
  9. roadkill

    Mods help

    I've not seen any adds ever, just to add to the mix
  10. not a new area and its maze cheers all
  11. all of the cover crops are full of thorn Apple, would be impossible to clear for this season. I know it's toxic but how bad? would beaters and dogs still be able to flush out the cover crops safely? Jamie
  12. I would love to make something, could one of you pros do a beginner's step by step project thread . would be good if we all followed and show the end result.. I have shed envy now from you all roadkill
  13. its time for them to be licensed
  14. wood is nice but didn't see anything that mentions that its a deluxe so guess its a std
  15. just got back from Spain and read these two books Bruce Dickinson what does that button do Guy martin when your dead your dead.. Both great reads
  16. went shooting with my 14 year old and noticed he was getting to big for his 20g junior gun, so did the only decent thing a dad would do and give him my Beretta 686. I'm now the new owner of a 690 field 3.. Reviews on google look good and hopefully try it out next week!!!
  17. Looking at putting another shed in the garden so i can work on my bikes, size i'm going for is a 12x8 I was going to pour a concrete base but due to my raised garden and where i have drainage pipes running this wouldn't be suitable, so my next best option is to make a raised wooden frame for the shed to sit on. So my questions are as follows Is 4x2 a suitable size to make the frame and cross sections from ? Do I use joist hangers or just use screws to hold it all together? Would you use 4x4 posts to concrete in the ground and attach to the frame or is there another way
  18. roadkill


    SO 40 year old drinking 18 glasses or more a week can shorten my life by two years, i will drink to that and lose the two years and have fun with the years i do get... Will be drinking to this **** news later
  19. yep shocking really, they will no longer be having any funds from me
  20. correct, he shouldn't be in some police station, he should be at the palace getting knighted for his brave effort
  21. Spot on! As above it's called pest control, I try to give what I can away if not it's used as fox bait.
  22. door knocking or get on your local shoot as a beater, that can open many doors
  23. look no further than Dave G his gear is amazing he makes and is better than any factory kit out there
  24. I have been watching some reviews on the ATN gear on facebook, and must say i'm very impressed with the quality of it
  25. cheers both, i think i have the u shaped tool you mentioned, didn't realise that was the key.. will give it a go when i get back later Roadkill
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