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  1. bangs and flashes and armed police seen running towards building
  2. Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56 with SR Pro retical, bought used with no box. Its in fair used condition with no ring marks - but one tiny blemish is where you'd expect ring marks to be. If you require pictures please pm me and i will email you the pics This is collection only.... I live 3mins away from east midlands airport £240
  3. lad is 13 and the girl is 8, can you get junior poles?
  4. I want to get the kids into fishing next year to give them another experience, im after a basic list of gear i would need to get going and also does anyone have any really good links to uk fishing forums that is the same quality as this great forum? Cheers roadkill
  5. That's good to know, it's my house so will crack on with it tomorrow Cheers pal
  6. Just after some help on staying within the law on house electrics... Just decorated my daughter's room and need to reposition the ceiling light about a meter, however the cable in the loft isn't long enough so I was going to extend it using a junction box and a meter length cable. Is this allowed or do I need an electrician? House is a new build if that makes any difference
  7. After years of old school lamping and having to rely on a lamping partner to make it an easier night, i have decided to i want to move to NV or Thermal... Which is the best way to go is it NV or Thermal... And which ever what are the best scopes to get so i can be a one band man?
  8. i still have a lovely pair of Diana Gat guns with the nice wooded handles, shame i don't know how to upload pics as they really are stunning
  9. been saying for years they should move it forward four weeks
  10. roadkill


    Nothing , looking at his profile he was last active on the 17th of July
  11. Welcome from another leicestershire shooter
  12. roadkill

    Big Cat

    Exactly, I still await these clear pictures
  13. i gave up my bikes 11 years ago due to having kids, but now time is ticking i thought what the heck and bought myself a zx6r... Not sure what the wife thought about this as just went and got one :-) Can't believe how much i have missed two wheels and love being back on the road again Born again biker
  14. roadkill


    sorry to hear this pal, make whatever time you have left count
  15. i go ott with cleaning, guns ten years old now and still looks as good as new
  16. the police did a great job and saved many lifes that night
  17. the ford ranger was a greedy sod on fuel so want something better on fuel as use it every day
  18. Now that i have got rid of my ford ranger i would like a smaller 4x4 that i can use for lamping and to run the kids about in. any help or suggestions of nice little 4x4 that i can get? cheers jamie
  19. the advert has done its job and got people talking about it, and on the subject i love the burgers
  20. hope he has a few years of shooting left in him, top bloke
  21. THIS has now sold Jamie
  22. as lots are asking for more pics of the not so good bits please see below the drop down back does open and close but you do have to use a screw driver to pop it open, closes fine needs a couple of heater knobs off ebay
  23. a few people interested but not sold still for sale
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