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  1. rizla

    airgun forum

    Been down since last night
  2. Now sold. Thanks
  3. Seeland woodcock advanced trousers New with tags Size 54/38 £70
  4. rizla

    Pard 007V

    Iv got a pard 007v im thinking of selling, its only been used once on my s410 in the daytime to try it out so still new, im selling to get the 008 Comes with the coller with the 3 shims so will fit most scopes plus everything else that came in box. £300 posted Im of work now if your interested i can get you some photos this afternoon David
  5. rizla

    Canvas bag

    Theres no labels on there
  6. rizla

    Canvas bag

  7. rizla

    Canvas bag

    Canvas and leather shoulder bag 15"×11" £25 posted
  8. rizla

    12g cartridges

    Still avalible if anyones after some cheap shells
  9. rizla

    12g cartridges

    Still avalible
  10. rizla

    12g cartridges

    Theres the 4 full boxes you can see all the others are a mixed sizes, few bbs there, im on way to work now to check
  11. rizla

    12g cartridges

    Thanks mate,👍 always a long shot when its collection only
  12. 4 full boxes and a load of mixed If someone can collect in next few days they can have them all for £30 Rhondda valleys s wales
  13. rizla

    Air Arms S410

    iv got the s410k with the walnut stock, great guns lazer accurate
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