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  1. i remember alun pengalli, first meet him when i applied for my sgc, nice fella.
  2. rizla

    30mm scope mounts

    Thanks mr c i have just baught a set of bkl mounts
  3. rizla

    30mm scope mounts

    from my s410, scope is hawke airmax 30, i got a pard 007 to go on there so need the scope moved forward
  4. rizla

    30mm scope mounts

    looking for a set of scope mounts 2 piece 30mm reach forward 11mm rail, would prefer medium hight and 2 inch reach thanks 👍
  5. rizla


    hi mate if you were to sell how much would you ask
  6. thanks for the photo, but its not for me
  7. can you put photo and size up please
  8. Game bag please, Pm me payment details.
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