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  1. rizla


    hi mate if you were to sell how much would you ask
  2. thanks for the photo, but its not for me
  3. can you put photo and size up please
  4. Game bag please, Pm me payment details.
  5. I just got a set from a1 decoys £45 Good quality and light, also got the pole bag aswell
  6. rizla


    I had the same trouble last week with an item from a1 decoys, my parcel was due on thursday on the tracking order but didnt arrive and was tolled by pf it will arrive on friday but didnt arrive, i finally recived it on monday, the delivery driver tolled me they were over run with deliverys in the newport dopot and would not take on extra drivers because of cost, i also emailed a1 and complained about the service
  7. nice morning out, well done steve 👍
  8. rizla

    lofting poles

    Still looking if anyone as cheap set avalible
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