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  1. 200 approx once fired 223 cases, and a mahogany 50 case reloading block. £30 collected. hand made small damascus knife. white corian handle.£100 posted other damascus knife,flecked coriun handle.£130 posted not mine so dont ask please.
  2. http://www.shootclayforum.com/index.php?/topic/6105-little-help-please/
  3. http://www.kwacs.org.uk/Youngshotlaw.htm
  4. Sold pending collection. thank you.
  5. not yet, All pm,s been answered. thank you.
  6. 500 hull carts 28 grams,6,s .felt. £40 a slab. collected.
  7. if you can get yourself to leeds my mate has a magtech semi auto in wood not plastic,also has a mod with it. its free to collect,he WONT rfd it.
  8. pudsey. these are yank 8,s,english 7 ,s. pack a proper punch,ideal for pigeons, just wish there was more of them
  9. 750 hull carts 28 grams,6,s . £40 a slab, 2 off 1kgs tubs of vitt n133, £50 a tub, the 2 for a ton and get a 1/2 kg free. fac and sgc rules apply. its not mine so dont ask. Leeds.
  10. A few snap on tools that belong a mate of mine. 5 spanners,16,15,13,12,9 mm. 3/8 bar,allen bits also 3/8.s10 to 4 mm £80 posted Shotgun hard case. 50 inches long 6.5 inches wide,internal. £25 collection only, will not be posted.. some vitt 133 powder and a 1000 or so cartridges too be added.when they get here.
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