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  1. Hello all, I have managed to lose my chokes, they were in the pouch in my gun slip and must have fallen out at the range, I went back and someone must have taken them.. thanks for that. As I have to replace them all can anyone recommend ones that would be as good quality but not as expensive? Thanks all.
  2. Thanks. So far my mods are Archangel Deluxe Target Stock Recoil Buffer Auto Bolt Trigger Kit
  3. I just recently purchased an M2 confortec left handed, section one 9 shot, I paid £700 for it, so yours is even better m8. Did I get a good deal? The gun is mint, boxed, with chokes and had about 100 rounds send down the tube.
  4. _Spud_

    Left handed 17HMR

    Yeh i spotted that one, more than i can afford. i have seen them around £380 for the none thumb hole one.
  5. Hello all, I am looking for a 17hmr in left handed, a left handed bolt as well as stock not just a left handed stock. Ideally a savage 93 as I love the trigger, but anything as long as price is right, no more than £500 ideally, brand new or near as new.
  6. RimfireMagic kit is good, it comes with the spring and the hammer, in the end I decided on the original spring and trigger return spring as I preferred how it felt. The kit that rimfire magic use is just from power custom, you can find them on ebay.com sometimes from the usa. They are easy to fit as long as you are confident. You will need one Philips head screwdriver to remove the gun from the stock, and then a few punches to knock the pines out. You know the two trigger assembly pins out, and then the whole unit drops out, once it's out it's easy enough although the instructions in the kit are useless. If you need help, or pictures let me know as I have done loads to my 10/22, externally as well as internally.
  7. I used the rimfiremagic trigger, kit, £35 one and it is great, I also used an auto bolt release from volquartsen, volquartsen recoil buffer. I have an extended bolt handle ready to fit and a volquartsen extractor ready to fit.
  8. Please excuse the paint on the floor, I am decorating my spare room.
  9. Night vision equipment, high capacity magazines over 10 rounds all have ITAR's on them. So you could bring a 25 round mag back for a 22 and if they find it you will be done. To be honest, other bits are fine to bring back in. scopes of none night vision, and not mil dot, stocks and other parts are fine. Just don’t put them in hand luggage lol
  10. Hello all, I have had my 10/22 for some time now, and as I am getting more and more permissions I am getting to a stage where I need the longer range of the HMR. I have one on my licence, as well as a moderator and I have shot a friends many times so I am happy with the gun. I am looking for a 17hmr in left handed, I notice one of the few people who make them is cz in the 452, but they now are winding down the 452 and going for the 455, I have contacted a few local feo and they say you cant get a left handed 455, they do a left handed stock but with a right handed bolt! Can anyone confirm this, or if they will do a 455 in true left handed any time soon, or am I better off trying to find one of the last 452 in left. Thanks all.
  11. UPDATE: Well just to update everyone I gave the local Firearms department a call and they where very very helpful, the lady apologized and said yes it was a mistake if I can send it off she will fix it straight away, I asked if it would be possible for me to pop in and they said no issue and they would exchange it when I arrived. I was on my way within 10 mins with everything fixed. I have just gone out and purchased myself a new Ruger 10/22 with mod and a nice scope and a few different brands of sub sonic ammo. Maybe next month when I have a few more pennies I will get the 17hmr hehe. Thanks to everyone for help.
  12. Hey all, I have finally been granted my section 1 and I hold it in my hands. When I applied I asked for a 22 and a 17hmr both with moderators. On my list of allowed guns I have .22lr rifle and then .22 moderator. On my 17hmr it has .17hm rifle and then another line 17hmr rifle again, not moderator. Is this a miss print or normal?
  13. Hey all, This is a bit of a weird question so please work with me. I have been shooting for about 5 years, but I have always done rough shooting, and as such no competition rules have ever applied. I do on occasions go to a clay ground with my farther but never on competition level as it’s just a break at the weekend for us. I have been asked by a prospective client to go to a local shoot with him, he said it’s only small and very friendly but I have realised I have no idea how the competition is played (oh the shame) Can anyone give me a rough guide on what to expect, how many shots I take on each stand etc as I don’t want to look like an idiot on the day lol. From what I know it’s not skeet or anything like that. Thanks all.
  14. thanks for the reply m8 do Anshutz do a rifle like the quad with 22lr 17hmr in the same gun?
  15. Hey all, I have been looking at the Sako Quad recently but cannot find out if they are available in left handed. I have searched the sako website, and also this fine establishment and cannot find any info. I have contacted my local RFD and he said he would contact them but so far has no update for me. Can anyone help? Thanks
  16. I have 3 escorts, two luxana and one basic synthetic and they will cycle the hull comp x 21g carts all day no problem at all, and with the cost saving over 28g I cant tell any difference for clay bashing.
  17. I have this problem with my o/u lanber as well, the gun dealer took it in and had a look and could not find a problem, I have even tried 32g carts. The gun is less than one year old, I am not happy so I have sent it back and got a refund and purchased a hatsan instead and it’s the best gun I own.
  18. If the bird lands a good distance away i sometimes find the best way is to shoot them again, that way they are not stressed and in pain whilst I get to them or most of the time have to dig them out of the dam hedge On the occasions I get to them and they are alive I just use an old branch and tap them on the head.
  19. Thanks all. One last question, if I go for an FAC shotgun can I only use it on the land that has been approved or can I use it anywhere I still use my normal 3 shot shotgun.
  20. The amount of pc’s that we have been working on at work with this **** is unbelievable. Your best bet is to use spybot search and destroy. Also use adware, decent virus scanner not Norton. Norton antivirus has to be the worst virus scanner ever made along with McAfee. Use AVG, NOD32, Kasperski etc Dump Internet explorer and use Firefox with no script this will stop a lot of the browser driven spyware infections. I would also use the spybot immunization feature as this will add entry’s to the hosts file to stop a lot of the website getting contacted. I would also use something like OpenDNS as this has spyware / phishing protection built in, and for people who want a free content filtering system for the kids it’s superb. You can also use hijackthis and paste the log file into http://www.hijackthis.de/ for a decent review of system problems, this does not always work if the spyware is hidden inside of a rootkit.
  21. Thank you all. Always nice to have such a knowledgeable bunch of ppl to help.
  22. Hey all, Myself and my friend who do a lot of shooting together have finally managed to acquire all of the farmers information for our FAC. The land owner has told us that he already has one Pearson who can shoot on the land with a FAC rifle, and he thinks the limit on the land is two people who can have permission to shoot. The farmer is quite happy to let us have the 22LR on his land, he does not have a problem with both of us shooting so the two person issue is not a problem with him, he said it is a legal thing. Is anyone aware of this or have I missed a section in the long form from the police about firearms applications. Thanks all.
  23. With myself, the only time the safety ever comes off is just as i am about to shoot when the gun is mounted and pointing at the target. When I am moving between my hide and car or just moving I always unload the cart in the chamber and leave the two in the magazine (semi auto) as safety’s do not always work. I have 2 hatsan and never once had accidental firing, it must have been a wondering finger.. or the gun was hit very hard?
  24. Hello all, I am currently in the process of applying for my section 1. I am currently inquiring with friends who would sign my reverence form. One big problem I have is that a lot of my friends are anti gun and a lot of them work in professions that are not allowed to be on the reference forms, members of the police etc. I have two people who would be willing to sign the forms, only problem is they are husband and wife and they both live at the same address. Would this be acceptable? Thanks all.
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