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  1. If anyone is intrested i have the exactly the same shotgun for sale but in 16bore, im looking for £150 inc snap caps, cleaning kit and some carts Pm me, thanks
  2. £625 for everything...tho i am willing to sell partys seperatly... PM if intrested Thanks
  3. Im selling my--- Daystate harrier X2W (.177) inc. all allen keys and snap connector Nikko Sterling Night Eater 4-16X50 side wheel parralex (inc sunshade) Sports match medium 30mm double clamp mounts (inc allen keys) Harris 6-9" Swivel bipod Weiraunch silencer 4lt 300bar filling bottle + DIN connection 2 rifle hard case (slight crack in one of the joints) Some heavy H&N baracudar .177 pellets And some cleaning equipment e.g lens cloths etc... All less than 1year old, all still in perfect condition Buyer collects looking for £625 o.n.o Thanks
  4. Sorry for the late reply, yes its still for sale!
  5. Yes i understand you now, sorry When your target is in the shapest focus on the highest zoom, you look at the side wheel and read the distance, that is how far away the target is. On most cheap (£100-£200) scopes that have side wheels the distance markers arnt very accuratly printed on past 50yards With that scope being 4-14 you will have trouble telling 60yards from 100 using the side wheel, even on the highest mag.
  6. i dont understand what you question is Dave-G, Side wheel parrallax works the same way as if it was on the front of the scope, Its much better on the side, as it doesn't change your zero (like on cheap front AO scopes) Its much easier to adjust, and can be alot more accurate at range reading if you add a large sidewheel on top, they usually cost about £20-£25 Hope this has answered your question
  7. You can use an electronic predator call, we found them quite effective but if time is short and you need a quick sqeek use your hand...... Ive found the best way to do the hand call, is not wet the back of your hand....but do make breathing in kissie noises between your right hands thumb and the closest finger to the thumb, Your thumb and closest finger should be closed, with like a cave hole that your finger has made that leads to the other fingers.......put your lips though there and squeeze them not too tight- with the rest of your fingers they should be about half closed, so the noise can escape from your hand louder than if the were fully opended It doesnt take your breath away like this, so your not panting for the shot Hope this makes sence, probably doesn't
  8. Tam- is that better for you? Any one for the gun?
  9. DO I??? better change that I live in England, shropshire
  10. Im selling my Gun mark kestrel 16 bore, side by side, 1/4 3/4 choke With gun slip, snap caps, rods and brushes Inc... if wanted around 200-250 different carts 5's 6's 7's 7 1/2's All for just £170
  11. Same as what Cranfield says, What are you shooting with shotgun? rifle? air rifle? Good luck
  12. I would stick to your 9-24X50 simmons scope, for the moment, I think the 8.5-34 would be a bit too much, would be much better on a c/f AO means parralex adjustable....which i dont get as the scope that your looking at has SWP (side wheel parralex) which is confusing, I dont trust these Japanese scopes, if you try doing a search for them over google or the make they say they are in this case AGS and HAWK/DEBEN..... One of my mates purchased a 4-16X40 IR Japanese scope of e-bay, that turned out to be a copy of tasco! just with a different name!
  13. Daystate X2W in .177 from Opticswarehouse.com £510, but you can take the £25 for accessories out of the price of the gun, you also get a free 2 rifle hard case! Thats what i did........I find the Daystate harrier x2w is superior to the AAs410k, i have owned both and have found the daystate too be much more reliable, it has a much better trigger unit, and looks alot nicer (IMHO) wack a whiraunch silencer on the end for £30 and its fractionaly quiter aswell. Also if you come to sell a daystate you will probably get more bee's for it, as there are soooo many aas410k's for sale at the moment
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