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  1. signed. Fantastic range run by a top bloke. Even if you have no interest in shooting targets then you should sign, as your interest will be next till the anti shooters get their way and no body can shoot anything
  2. I'm happy to go with the majority. Would prefer to have a shoot later in the year
  3. Me and loydy will be there Fri about 7. Anybody else sick of making rounds? Defo not running short this time
  4. Me and BJL fishing are in for the saturday payment on its way should be in now
  5. BJLfishing has one, send him a pm ,he's in the south lakes
  6. Out of interest what do you shoot? is it justifiable?
  7. Spot on tell him I'll pick it up when nw bds shoot in sept Thanks for that m8
  8. Cheers it's not mine only borrowed it hope it's there
  9. Did any body find a leather rear bag think I must have left it on table where gun bags were
  10. bjlfishing is selling a lefthand semi send him a pm
  11. Have you got a picture of what you're after?
  12. Glad to see you're doing both days wouldn't be the same if wasn't shooting with a banging head. Dougy I'm up for some venison burgers
  13. I'm up for that, just for the craic if nowt else
  14. I've a 17HMR 5 shot mag for sale if you're interested?
  15. Got a Brierly IC and a Modified
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