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  1. Hi, I have a fore-end from a super grade trap if your interested. Nicely figured in mint condition. I'll send you a pic tomorrow if that's what your after.
  2. Hi, I brought a beretta es100 new 3 weeks ago. I fired 100 mixed loads including eley firsts 21 gram to buffalo 36 gram. All functioned faultlessly. I owned it for 5 days (shortest time I've ever owned a gun) I part ex'ed it for a used 391 urika. Reason The es100 has a straight stock. There are no shims available. I was shooting to the left so no good. I looked at a new a300, felt very nice but a bit light for me. Picked up the 391, felt great! Right hand cast, bit low in the comb. Turned the stock shims over which raised it 5mm. Perfect. The ability to "fit your gun to you" for me is a real plus, also the low cost of the a300 is keeping the used 391 at a bargain price. One for sale in the private adds (nothing to do with me). Try premium plus first to see if you like the fit, then try a beretta. All the best, Smith
  3. Hi as per title. Winchester 101 waterfowl wanted. Must be 32" barrel. Any condition considered. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks.
  4. I love em. I've got a 101 light weight field, a 101 supergrade sporter and a 101 diamond grade trap. Had the field gun as my first shotgun 26 years ago. I've put thousands of shells through it. Only ever had to have the ejector timing reset. If you ever need spares then there is a chap in the states that will send to the UK. Chris Showler I think. I have his email if you want it. They can kick a bit with heavy shells.
  5. Could be a crop mark possibly showing an iron age round house. Check out google earth. You can find lots of em.
  6. I find that in sporting, repeated no birds really put me off. In DTL, late releases also normally result in a lost bird. I suppose its a matter of lost concentration.
  7. Sounds like the action could do with a little tightening. I did mine a week after I brought it as I like a gun thats stiff to open. If the action is loose, because the monoblock has rounded edges then it can wiggle slighty. Its designed this way because the lock up works in a different way to traditional o/u's, the forend pushes the barrels into the action. To tighten simply remove the forend iron work from the wood/plastic you will then see a allen screw with a locking nut, release the locking nut and tighten the grub screw a half turn. you can do this when the gun is assembled without the wood/plastic. When the gun is as stiff as required remove the iron work reattach the wood/plastic reassemble and jobs done.
  8. I brought one new a few weeks ago. 30" synthetic sporter. After much research looking for the softest shooting o/u available as my old winchester mercilessly beat my cheek (due to gun fit I think). I negotiated a deal with my local dealer to part ex my gun plus a grand. The adjustable stock is great (cast on, neutral or cast off plus spacers and different recoil pads for length of pull. No more cheek slap and starting to settle in to the gun. 10/10 twice at my local pool shoot and 37/50 on the sporting. I chose the cynergy because of the stock design (flat comb) and it works for me. As a first gun I wouldn't buy one new, but second hand would be fine (guntrader £995). I don't think you'ld loose much if you didn't get on with it. The action can be tightened with out the need to visit the gunsmith if you ever shoot it loose.
  9. I brought an acorn autoclay 65 with the remote release kit, as it worked out cheapest. The trap has been very reliable, but there is quite a long delay between pressing the button and releasing the clay. The button has to be depressed for at least two seconds to work. The delay is off putting and if I had known, I would have got a promatic.
  10. Hi, I also am a winchester fan. The 5500 was a game/sporter model, it has a lowish comb and 28" or 30" barrels. The 6500 was available as a trap or sporting clays model, 28" 30" and 32" barrels, the sporter had a highish comb with the trap variant higher and with a wider fore-end. Also available as a 6500 mk2 with lghter barrels. The 8500 was a trap gun, high comb, wider fore-end and some had ported barrels of 30" or 32". 5500 and 6500 were available multichoke or fixed with 70mm chambers, the 8500 had the bottom barrel multichoked with a fixed full choke top. Great guns. As you've said ejector hammers can crack and also check the firing pins for createring. Guntrader is a good place to start looking, also, pop in to any gunshops you pass as you never know whats been part-exchanged. I've just picked up a 6500 30" sporting clays from my local gunshop after just popping in for some cartidges and having a nose round. Good luck looking!
  11. I got some teague extended chokes for my 101 light weight. If you check out the teague web site they're called winchester invector chokes, I checked with Nigel that they would fit. Exellent pattern and look cool as well. Great gun by the way.
  12. Hi, just wondering whether anyone has a spare stock shim to raise the comb on an escort 20g?
  13. Could be worth talking to a member called straightshooter1. He repairs and refinishes stocks. Should be cheaper that buying a replacement. Check out his profile/posts to see some examples of his work (looks very good).
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