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  1. stu_young


    Any shoots need a spare beater in an around north Suffolk lowestoft/great yarmouth area can do most days I know it's late in the season my shoot has finished now
  2. stu_young

    Great yarmouth wild folwers

    I'm thinking of applying for next season, just wondering if any1 knows a rough price I'll be looking at
  3. stu_young


    Yea silly auto correct
  4. stu_young


    Sorry its a revolution matrix camo
  5. stu_young


    I'm after some advice looking at the above gun but never shot one let alone heard of them, are they any good
  6. stu_young

    escort chokes

    i have a hatsan escort and looking for a set of chokes for it
  7. stu_young

    Permission wanted

    dress smart but casual no camo, yell.com is a good place to start
  8. stu_young

    Gun Cabinet x3

    would you sell a 4 gun on its own
  9. stu_young

    decent bag on rape

    Nice bag
  10. stu_young

    Syndicate prices

    I'm thinking of looking for syndicate for next season just a walk one stand one dit shoot 20-30 bird days will do me fine just looking for a rough idea on the type of price I should be looking at
  11. stu_young

    Cracked it in the Rain

    Cracking bag
  12. stu_young

    pigeons at last

    Good luck for the morrow buddy
  13. stu_young

    Todays Roost Shooting

    Sorry the pigeons were not playing ball today marshman