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  1. Any shoots need a spare beater in an around north Suffolk lowestoft/great yarmouth area can do most days I know it's late in the season my shoot has finished now
  2. I'm thinking of applying for next season, just wondering if any1 knows a rough price I'll be looking at
  3. Sorry its a revolution matrix camo
  4. I'm after some advice looking at the above gun but never shot one let alone heard of them, are they any good
  5. stu_young

    escort chokes

    i have a hatsan escort and looking for a set of chokes for it
  6. dress smart but casual no camo, yell.com is a good place to start
  7. would you sell a 4 gun on its own
  8. I'm thinking of looking for syndicate for next season just a walk one stand one dit shoot 20-30 bird days will do me fine just looking for a rough idea on the type of price I should be looking at
  9. Sorry the pigeons were not playing ball today marshman
  10. All I can suggest is start knocking on doors for pigeon shooting an like marsh man said get your name on as many lists for beating next season as possible
  11. I'm looking for a contact number for great Yarmouth wildfowlers I have emailed but got response
  12. Was a good day the 20th and all the guns had some decent birds to have a go at
  13. Cheers john... Just waiting on a trainer now don't want to spoil him with bad training
  14. Sounds like a great day out marsh man good luck for the rest of the year
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