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  1. Yes please Paul subject to the message I sent you earlier
  2. p-a-s


    LPJA thanks for your pm it looks like you have just dropped lucky I’ll message you ll labstaff You have second chance if it falls through thanks all
  3. p-a-s


    Probably about 4 or 5 builders bulk bags of mixed logs could be more as it’s hard to quantify plus loads of kindling sticks ( some with nails) been dry stored for at least 3 years £125 please I need them gone collect from Burton on Trent
  4. I wasn’t intentionally making assumptions I did question myself several times before posting and I actually apologised if I’d got it wrong
  5. Next time I’ll keep my mouth shut
  6. Hi p a s I am up in County Durham what length are they thanks ian

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    2. Ian willetts

      Ian willetts

      Hi p a s how’s it going any more thought on the long nets thanks ian

    3. Ian willetts

      Ian willetts

      Hi p a s have you changed your mind about selling your nets thanks Ian 

    4. p-a-s


      Iv told you take it to pm

  7. p-a-s


    Still available measures 900x30 plus a pull out section if you have a mod etc
  8. It’s in the case in the box in good condition
  9. p-a-s

    Pigeon decoys

    I’m not sure I can find out Saturday or Sunday and let you know thanks
  10. Sorry boots sold to hogs subject to usual
  11. p-a-s

    Get fitter

    Wonder core home fitness machine with the twister seat pad brand new and still unopened £65 plus post or collect
  12. Sorry just added the photo it’s a top gun brand
  13. Yes buddy that’s correct
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