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  1. Im not sure if this will be allowed, but check your insurance policie if your insured with H******* direct you might not be covered for commuting to work.I was talking with a work mate this week his partner was seriously injured driving to work, the insurance company are refusing to pay up.
  2. p-a-s

    woodburner fan

    I know many members on here have stoves ect but i recently got chatting to a mate that was usuing an eco fan last winter,he reckons it made a big difference.Any oppinions guys.
  3. p-a-s

    ads/pop ups

    hi guys im currently running google chrome and I-e on the laptop and every page I load gets bombarded with ads or pop ups apart from switching browsers how can I stop them thanks paul
  4. p-a-s

    Dive bottle

    I have 1 ed when i get time Im gonna put a full test on it then sell with filling hose and gauge
  5. And you sir have a bargain decoy gear on hold for zabala
  6. at the moment no,im giving up the sport and want things gone asap
  7. pigeon magnet mounted with 2 hypa flaps 1 ground stake broken off but still does the job 2 camo nets 2 floater/bouncer poles 4 poles for fixing net to 15 half shell pigeon decoys 6 fud pigeon decoys 1 massive kit carry bag with bucket seat and side pocket for storing hide poles 1x 7ah battery deben battery charger NOW REDUCED 170 ONO for the lot 1 x pop up pigeon hide with 3 windows and door 45.00 collection prefered due to bulk of items located in burton on trent or arrange your own courier 1st pm with delivery address gets 1st refusal just to make it fair and make the mods life easier
  8. p-a-s

    clearout no2

    Hawk shot saver 35.00 posted 15 new half shell pigeon decoys 32.00 posted 6 used fud pigeon decoys 22.00 posted Dowling and row 10x42 binoculars 45.00 posted
  9. I have 5 i think full bodied crows and 1 flying crow that can be mounted on floater or magnet 25.00 Burton on Trent
  10. p-a-s


    Got a cz 452 with scope and mod
  11. p-a-s

    clear out

    off the top of my head small,got a few left but not looked for them
  12. p-a-s

    clear out

    As per title im clearing more stuff out that i dont use any more fihttp://s290.photobucket.com/user/paulsivorn/media/011.jpg.html up is a turner richards dummy launcher with 2 standard dummys SOLD next is a blank firing pistol SOLD http://s290.photobucket.com/user/paulsivorn/media/012.jpg.html nv monocular nv 2000 seeing in light SOLD http://s290.photobucket.com/user/paulsivorn/media/009-1.jpg.html next is a pair of dyna eye shooting glasses that come in a carry case with different coloured lenses brand new and unworn SOLD http://s290.photobucket.com/user/paulsivorn/media/010.jpg.html lastly for now a quick release slip lead for lurcher etc hardly used 12.00 posted http://s290.photobucket.com/user/paulsivorn/media/013.jpg.html fingers crossedi have copied pics.
  13. Its black doubt it would fit a 50" at most i would say 46"-48"
  14. p-a-s

    Harris bipod

    Its not bad few scratches but works fine bye the way its the notched leg bipod pm me your number
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