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  1. I think it's common sense if you're in a specific situation where a member of public might call police to maybe pre warn them. It might help a control room inspector make the right call. Situation, something like dealing with an urban fox in a back garden. A phonecall with location and times ect that can go on record might not hurt. Then when a phonecall comes in about a sniper shooting at people from a top bedroom window, a guvnor in a control room has a bit more information with which to base a decision. The response may well be a little more low key if you'd called in. It's not some clandestine operation to track you're every move, information is all those in charge of deployments have to go on, why not help that process? But no, she's ultimately wrong it's not a requirement.
  2. I got a 5L bottle of rosate 360 about 18 months ago on amazon. It's only just run out, worked very well. We have a large area of track and around outbuildings that needs attention. Might try the salt trick.
  3. I sound similar to others when decoying pigeons, I can have a run of 10-15 birds where I could be George Digweed. Then spend the next 50 shots wondering if the cartridges are empty 😂
  4. Muddy Funker

    Wasp nest

    It really is that easy yes. Saw loads going under a roof slate by dormer window the other day. Waited till evening, squirted a load of wasp powder into gap. Next day, no more wasps 👍🏻
  5. Muddy Funker


    Only one. I couldn't care less.
  6. Nice one. I did one years ago in taupo nz and was going to say the same. A feeling of acceleration but then it feels like you're hovering as you can't see the ground approaching in free fall, at least I couldn't. I loved it and can totally see why people take it up as a hobby.
  7. Muddy Funker

    UHD TV

    Thing is you might not be able to find a non 4k tv anyway. Remember when 3d was all the rage a good few years ago, every new set had it. Similar thing now with 4k, they even have 8k sets now don't get me started haha. So it's likely you'll end up with a 4k set you just won't really see the best of it 👍🏻
  8. Muddy Funker

    UHD TV

    Another thing worth bearing in mind is what are you going to watch? Have you got a Netflix account or uhd player to supply the content? If you're streaming 4k you need a very solid internet connection. You'll see zero benefit in getting a 4k TV if you're watching anything coming through an aerial. Avforums is a wealth of info on this subject, worth popping in there.
  9. Apparently after a few sherbets I start some crazy aramaic devil's chant in my sleep. Freaks the Mrs out a treat 😂 She's tried getting it recorded to no avail.
  10. I imagine he's a complete lizard like most senior cops.
  11. It is a bit of a tricky one, obviously it costs a fair amount to make but it's obviously worth his while. I'm not looking to make any huge sum just keep what is deemed fair. If 50/50 is snubbed I'll just top it, no drama to me. I think highest price for a large round bale last year was £40-50. If you asked for £125 a round bale you'd be laughed out of the country, that's an insane price.
  12. That's the beauty of it, his problem 😂 It's gone a bit mental though certainly needs doing!
  13. In all honesty probably not, I think the notice period to change shifts is 15 days. They would have had rest days cancelled and moved elsewhere.
  14. Cheers guys appreciate the replies. It's more than a few acres and lay out is simple. It was first time last year and I had no idea so just kept enough for our use over winter. So it's fair to say my good nature was taken advange of. This won't be happening again 😂
  15. Hi Guys. Bit of a random one. We're fortunate enough to have some land we can set aside for hay. Simple enough question I guess, farmer comes in and does everything, cut, rake and bale. What would be a fair deal for both of us with regards to us keeping a percentage? Thanks in advance 👍🏻
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