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  1. 👍🏻 I don't have a sky subscription, what I do have is Netflix, amazon prime and a 4k blu ray player, plus all the on demand channels. I'm never stuck for content to watch. I've no idea why anyone should pay a provider like sky or virgin for a TV subscription and then be forced to pay a fee to the BBC even if not watching their programs, how is that even allowed?
  2. I can't get on with Howard light. Cheap yes, comfortable no.
  3. Muddy Funker


    I thought it was one of the best things I've seen on tv in ages/ever. Helps that I've got an interest in what happened anyway.
  4. I think it's time well spent. He probably goes home and does tbe same to his Mrs. Hopefully he resists arrest and gets his face smashed into the pavement 👍
  5. Wonder why they can't use recycled plastic. I'm sure they can invent some real wood looking panels that last forever and never need painting. I might invent some 👍
  6. It is true. As long as you don't watch any live broadcast including sky, or any BBC catch up program you don't need a licence. If any licensing officer comes knocking tell them to **** off.
  7. I arrested a 10 year old once (after a discussion between inspectors) for arson with intent to endanger life. He set fire to an empty terraced house, the others had people in. So yes, it's a **** idea.
  8. Heard about that baggage thing, I'd be punching people out of my way if that was how it really happened.
  9. Some good stories there cheers 👍 I suppose I should be grateful getting anything I just couldn't believe how quickly they went, it must have sold out instantly. Or in advance like I said, then they pretend tickets are on general sale when in fact there's none. I know there was a presale yesterday for 1/3 of the tickets if you bought in person. Remaining tickets for sale today yeah right 😂
  10. I'm starting to get back into this game after a long lay off, enjoying it too. Pretty much on a whim I thought it'd be nice to see it live, has anyone ever been to the crucible or tried to buy tickets? They went on sale at 0900 today for next years championship. I was laying there refreshing my phone constantly (very fast internet) at around a minute to nine it opened and I hit the buy button for the final session of the final. Now I'm not an idiot I know places are limited and it's popular. I was instantly put me into a queue started at 977. It then counted down to sold out? I then looked for next best option and managed to get seat B5 for final session of semi final even that was touch and go. So my question is how the actual **** do you secure tickets of any kind for the final? I couldn't have been quicker. Or is it a sham and they're already gone, they just pretend to make it fair?
  11. Rottweiler. We've got a rotty cross and german shepherd cross. No undesirable ****ers would dare come close to my place 😂
  12. Around 25 years ago as a new apprentice car mechanic I was only had once. They couldn't get me on the old classics, long wait, sparks for grinder ect. Car comes in with an alleged squeak from rear suspension, foreman says to lay half in boot and listen to which side it was coming from while he bounced suspension, perfectly plausible. Of course as soon as I was half in I was bundled in and the boot closed, what followed was a half hour road test round tight bends, over speed humps, emergency stop. It worked every time on all the other apprentices after me 😂
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