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  1. 😂 Well, it's hardly rocket science. My bad, actually it is.
  2. I couldn't find anything about a girl being shot either. Probably because it was just something some bloke down the pub said and it never happened? I'm not making light of the story you linked to but it happened over a decade ago. Unacceptable but things move on, procedures are tightened up and changed to prevent this sort of event happening. Plus that guy broke the most important and basic of the safety rules. He pointed a gun at someone. The bottom line though is we're all human and to that end will at some point make a mistake. No one's perfect. Keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and finger off trigger gets you most of the way there. Edit: And of course not leaving your gun on a bog cistern 😂
  3. Where are the links to those stories you've mentioned? These threads always make me laugh. Yep the guy ****** up massively and will pretty much definitely lose that position, probably be off that dept. I've been on arvs for around 8 years now. Been to hundreds of jobs, fired thousands of rounds (in training) loaded and unloaded multiple guns each and every day I've been on shift. I've never seen or heard of any nd's, no one has ever left weapons on a bog cistern or roof of a car. All I've seen are highly motivated, switched on individuals that handle and shoot firearms with the utmost safety. At the end of the day for whatever reasons he's made a huge error and will pay for it. The way people react here is like every armed officer is a bungling idiot. I can tell you that's the polar opposite of the actual truth. I'd also hazard a guess that the vast majority of those discharges will probably be on the range in a safe direction or into a proving tube while loading/unloading. The percentage of genuine nd's out in public will be absolutely miniscule.
  4. Shame he didn't try that with an armed cop.
  5. I don't have any terrestrial tv anymore, no aerial, no sky dish. The money just from a basic sky subscription pays for Prime, Netflix, Google play music. I've also got a 4k uhd player for when I want the best quality. Oh obviously don't pay for tv license. I don't miss broadcast tv one bit it's tripe.
  6. I do the roast potatoes, I'm the only one that does them right. We had a nice highland beef joint from a nearby farm. Can't stand turkey.
  7. I'm certainly no proponent of veganism but I'd say it's fairly irrelevant in this story. It's neglect plain and simple. Plenty of non vegan cases of malnourished children having been neglected sadly.
  8. I was a little sceptical to be honest but it lives up to its name 👍🏻
  9. Muddy Funker

    Dianne Abbot

    She should step down, there's clearly something a miss with her mental health. I agree with her being criticised for all the stupid things she comes out with. I don't agree with the threats of rape, being killed and racism she's apparently subjected to daily. That's unacceptable. Being incompetent doesn't justify that level of abuse.
  10. It'll likely lower download speeds but not significantly if you've got a decent connection. I've been using expressvpn for a couple of years now. All good. Good novelty factor in the internet thinking you're in outer Mongolia 😂
  11. You can get gongs on ebay, I'm sure that's where I bought one. Hardox 500 I think is the steel normally used, I've shot mine with 17hmr and the gong just laughs at it. Edit: Just looked, do a search on ebay of hardox 500, you should find something you like 👍🏻
  12. I work within the mod and know lots of people working at Faslane. It actually wouldn't be any sort of problem at all according to the Navy brass. This sort of event would have been planned for years ago.
  13. I hope as a sassenach that's made the move up here I'm not going to be burned at the stake if Scotland gain independence 😂 I rather love it here.
  14. Sacs. Dual membership brings cost down to £35 per year.
  15. Haha 😂 Or was it Jimmy Saville 😲
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