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  1. I clean my own too using a chimney typhoon off ebay. I ended up getting quite a lot of fine dry powder soot out last time so will now do a clean mid winter and at the end. Burn only seasoned hardwood, morso badger 5kw.
  2. Thanks again everyone. Plenty to digest, it's an interesting one as a Google search opens up an absolute ton of previous threads of arguments on how best to proceed. It seems the requirement to step down to 3amp as many fan manufacturers request creates a minor headache. I've found a fused fan isolator but it only comes in a ****ty plastic version, no idea why you can't get alternative finishes? Maybe manufacturers will bring them out in future. Cheers for the advice 👍🏻
  3. Thanks all, yeah hate pull cords I like the sound of the double switch idea. Do people really have this many switches outside a bathroom? I've got a digital shower mixer so that has it's own spur, then I'll need a double light switch that (correct me if I'm wrong)then on the fan side has to go to a 3 pole isolator (another ******* switch). A lunar lander probably had less switches 😂
  4. Perfect that's a nice solution right there thanks. Would another idea be wiring fan to a pull switch and then having lights running off a pir type switch located in bathroom or is that not really a done thing?
  5. Hi guys, Question involving the humble bathroom extractor fan. I'm currently putting back together a ripped out bathroom which never had any extraction, I'm dealing with this now. I know the usual way is by linking this in with lighting circuit but are there any better options? To me it makes no sense as sometimes I'll want a shower and not have lights on, another time I might turn lights on and not be having a shower. I've been searching on Google and most questions about extractor fans involve everyone saying if you don't know what you're doing get an electrician.
  6. I use aliexpress. They don't release funds to the seller until you have it, it's safe to use. All the cheap stuff you see on ebay or amazon you can buy direct, even cheaper as long as you're in no rush.
  7. Mora. The orange one so you can find it when it's dropped.
  8. Heating oil price recently was amazing. We got 500L at £180 a while back and thought that was amazing. It's normally what around £250? Then checked a couple of weeks back and it went down to £150, so we bought another 500. Awesome.
  9. So I take it he won't want any media attention for the invictus games then either? Good move 👍🏻
  10. All sorted now thanks to raw and wriggley. Appreciate all the replies. Thank you.
  11. I wanted to make this public. Following on from a wanted add regarding some drop in chokes for a beretta a302. Forum member Raw and Wriggley responded that he possibly had a couple he no longer needed. These were sent out within a couple of days before any money had been sent and arrived as described, perfect for what I needed. When it came to sorting out payment he just said donate the money to Captain Tom's just giving page. I thought that was a really nice thing to do and once again the kindness of a member reflects what this forum is all about. Thanks mate, to
  12. Have you watched womens mma. Some of those women are as hard as ******* nails it's brilliant to watch. I certainly wouldn't get into a ring with them.
  13. Totally agree with this. They're certainly not a gimmick. I bought an eglu that was already a few years old and we've now had it a further decade. It looks the same as when we bought it. We added an eglu cube 2nd hand and a large solway 2nd hand. I'd never bother with wood. Never even seen a red mite.
  14. Ex batts are fine and will continue laying. They can die within a couple of days of being rehomed, it's clearly massively stressful. But most make it and you can get years out of them. I'd get a few ex batts and a couple of fancy ones. Cream leg bar are a favourite of mine, they look good and lay blue eggs. Oh be prepared for them to utterly destroy the ground you put them on. If you have a small garden and let them free range there won't be a single living thing in it after a few months 😂
  15. Cheers Westley, only ones I can see are the optima ones which are no good. Could be sorted though hopefully. Thanks.
  16. Great, have sent a message 👍
  17. Go local and try out a variety. It's a personal thing, all these bull**** mail order companies make me laugh, how can one mattress suit everyone? It can't.
  18. Sorry for the late reply I didn't get any notification someone had posted. Yes those are the ones, do you have any?
  19. Hi guys. Posted the same ages ago and had a response but sadly the wrong type were sent. What I'm after is a couple of, or individual drop in choke for a beretta a302. The gun came with only one, full. I'm ideally after half, but would consider other options. I know I can buy one from Mandel, but £29 plus about £7 postage is a joke for what it is. Anyone got any? Cheers.
  20. 😂 Well, it's hardly rocket science. My bad, actually it is.
  21. I couldn't find anything about a girl being shot either. Probably because it was just something some bloke down the pub said and it never happened? I'm not making light of the story you linked to but it happened over a decade ago. Unacceptable but things move on, procedures are tightened up and changed to prevent this sort of event happening. Plus that guy broke the most important and basic of the safety rules. He pointed a gun at someone. The bottom line though is we're all human and to that end will at some point make a mistake. No one's perfect. Keeping the mu
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