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  1. I have a very nice 20g sxs that needs a stock extension and I would like to have it fitted aswell anybody no of a good gun fitter in the Midland Many thanks
  2. Best patterns I have got for pigeon decoying is from a romagalo 7 1/2 clay cartridge felt wad and clear pigeon 6 this was in my mk70 with half choke and this is what i use for pigeon/game clay cart for the first barrel
  3. One question I will ask you all when was the last time you patterned your gun with your new batch of cartridges. We spend thousands on game days/guns but very few pattern the cartridges instead we believe what the shiny cartridge box says
  4. Yes the pigeons were on the berries all week on the way to work
  5. His there not anyone in your area that stalks .if only I was nearer I could of helped you 😁
  6. You talking about fat Sarah or the landrover
  7. There problem was they came face to face with some one who had the same respect for the law and this time the shoe was on the other foot and they didn't like the kick up the backside they got for a change.
  8. Must of been a fat pigeon to snap one of them
  9. benbaikal


    Clear pigeon or dark storm
  10. benbaikal


    Anyone thinking of selling any gamebore pigeon extreme 34 g size 5 felt wad in the leicestershire area
  11. Stayed from Thursday night until sun morning .free entry with basc so great saving there.met with shooting friends from all over the country priceless .beer and food usual prices but think of the cot to vendors ????? .clay line set up by g digweed. Stalls limited so smaller choice of goods same things with price variation £3-£15 .but had good banter seen new products so had a good weekend
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