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  1. Michael kirks butchers in Wolverhampton
  2. Most lead shot arrives from turkey now days and your find steel shot being shipped from China I don't think either country is well known for quality control
  3. China been doing this for the last few years due to no bee population
  4. benbaikal

    invecta plus

    Not sure do any members no .
  5. benbaikal

    invecta plus

    Wanted invecta plus 3/4 flush fitting choke for mk70
  6. 3000 last time then keep a eye on prices when down to my 1000
  7. benbaikal


    i have got a load of netting free to anny body who wants it and will collect from leicester approx 30 nets 10x8
  8. friday in weatherspoons 3 bombay sappphire gxt and pint of john smith £10
  9. what he said .or you will get a promise of a day in january or next season that never appears .there rogues in every business these just dress in tweed
  10. we went to one shoot when it came to lunch we were served chicken soup and you could see they were chicken bits from the supermarket .when i asked why not use the partridge from the shoot days the wife said her son and husband wouldnt prep the birds.most shoots just serve ready made rubbish from supermarkets .like mungler said they could batch cook pies /stews and freeze and use later on
  11. well what a night well worth the money and some lovely food cheap at half the price .cant wait for the next one
  12. shot there a couple of years ago you will be looked after from start to finish .
  13. i work for a large parcel company approx 500 lorrries/vans a night moving around brand new sight cost millions to build .someone decides to build houses next door don,t people look out there bedroom windows when they view these house,s they now put a complaint in about the noise to the council lol ,s
  14. i purchased a nice grade 5 miroku last week a hours drive away.been waiting for the right gun and the right price and a lot of people never update there advert
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