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  1. I have a few Beretta Optima (NOT Optima Plus) chokes for sale. I used these with a 2005 Beretta 682 Gold E, they're not the newer Optima Plus ones brought out when the Extrema shotgun came out (whenever that was). I've got the following : Red banded Skeet PB-SK-SP (two of these) Black Banded Three-Quarter PB-IM-SP Improved Modified ** Bronze banded Three-Eighths PB-LM-SP Light Modified Yellow banded Quarter PB-IC-SP Improved Cylinder **** Green banded Half PB-M-SP Modified *** These are all in used condition, not bad for their age, but by no means mint!
  2. No, and neither do any other clay shooters
  3. I don't think anybody is implying that the UK aren't doing a good job of hosting it. I agree that the idea that the games are a massive boost to the host nation's economy is a myth and a lie. Commercially, the UK is asleep.
  4. Do you know if there will be a load of go karting and stuff going on while this competition is on. Looking at satellite pictures of the area, the ground seems to be surrounded by tracks of some kind or another? Can you tell us which part of the ground this ESP competition is held on?
  5. Chard

    Olympic Shooting

    I expect I'd have got 124.......
  6. I watched two episodes of The Sopranos.
  7. Blimey, Undulate rays. That brings back memories. We used to catch them off the pier (harbour wall) at Fenit in County Kerry
  8. You don't need any more than 69.95mm
  9. I agree. Money maker. I just get them pulled
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