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  1. Bitch every day of the week for me, just through my own experience mature faster, generally smaller hunt as hard as a dog, just a bitch man
  2. After seeing Terry had been out with the air gun I felt inspired so a trip down to one of my permissions for a look around bumped into the farmer "please have a go at the blackies" so a change of plan! Set up at 4ish and shot like a hero even if I say myself total was 75 managed to pick 63 Saturday had a call "fancy a bit of crow bashing" made the wife a cup of tea and got the green light! Feeling very confident after yesterday got set up first pair came bombing in I thought left and right, missed both :( continued in that vain for a good hour until I relaxed.4 hours managed
  3. Hi Terry, That's it I am going to dust mine off can't remember the last time I went out with the air gun! Cheers Paddy
  4. The monsters are now 7 weeks old and tiny but what they lack in size the make up for with heart! They are sooooo fast! The first 5 photos are of Titch and the video
  5. I am looking for last years, I just thought someone might have one sat around after watching it a few times
  6. I once used one of my cockers over rape stubble, she loved it charging around like only a cocker can, retrieve after retrieve I never even gave it a second thought took her home and she had her tea, next morning let her out for a wee as she rolled over in front of me the whole of her belly was covered in bright yellow pustules! The size of my thumb nails Ever since then I have picked my own pigeons on the stubbles I can't see the point of putting a dog through that again if I can reach the birds, don't get me wrong I am not going to start getting on my hands and knees and start charging i
  7. Hi has anyone got the DVD of the springer championship they want to sell? Thanks Paddy
  8. Absolutely brill! Really enjoyed reading this, I can only dream of the feeling you are going to get when you drop your first bird with this gun! Very large pat on the back from me. Cheers Paddy
  9. How many Dave? Mums done a good job all look nice and chunky. Enjoy Paddy
  10. Well done lads good shooting, I am off to load the truck first go on the rape stubble Cheers Paddy
  11. Look like nice big pups! Is that 10? Polly must of been as big as a whale. Cheers Paddy
  12. Well it seems like 2 minutes ago the arrived, now 5 weeks old and their first trip outside bold as brass not one pup bothered by a thing.
  13. Congratulations! My last litter was started a 8.30pm last pup at 5.30am don't think any of my bitches have looked at the book that said "puppies should be passed every 20 mins or so! Enjoy the next 4 weeks as the following 4 are right where I am with my litter "help"
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