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  1. Glenshooter

    Bottle refill, berks/bucks area?

    The guys in Slough Scuba store are really helpful. Highly recommended.
  2. Glenshooter

    Top Gun, 10,000 hr Rule

    Was an interesting theory but it seems to be superseded now... http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/10000-hour-rule-wrong-really-master-skill/ I struggled with the 10,000 hours as it applied to shooting. Say you're shooting a 100 bird clay shoot over 1.5 hours, what is the actual time - to be taken into account - when the process of actual shooting could be anything from a couple of seconds to a minute or so per clay - depending on just how much you take into account when planning the shot(s)? Say the time spent shooting per clay is 5 seconds per shot - as far as gaining experience/learning is concerned (and of course you may have wildly different views of this time), that's only 500 seconds per 100 bird shoot - that's about 8.3 mins per shoot. Divide that into 10,000 hrs and you'll be doing a lot of shooting to learn and master your sport.
  3. Glenshooter


    Wait time is currently 30 min for help. I'm on hold ....
  4. Glenshooter


    I've been with them for around 10 years. Become expensive and long waits for the customer service phone, although in fairness, when they do answer, they are reasonably helpful, if inflexible. But typically 15 mins to hang on for an answer. Thinking of moving from them. No longer anything special.
  5. Glenshooter

    New Discovery Sport

    A work colleague has one. She likes it but doesn't like the fuel/diesel consumption.
  6. Glenshooter

    At what point....

    They should be **** scared as there is a significant risk of injury with an issue like this and the commercial risk to them is substantial. Glad you've got things going in any case.
  7. Glenshooter

    Marriage question for you all

    OK, fair enough. It's probably just a 'small thing' to our minds being a symptom of other more serious/deeper things. Get professional help eg marriage guidance pronto. Don't let this get any further as the longer it goes on - ie you feeling like this - the more difficult it will be to solve. A marriage like you've had ie with kids, is precious so do all you can to save it. Good luck.
  8. Glenshooter

    FAC Certificate

    My lad got 9 slots, inc moderators, when he was 19 - albeit, most were for range use. His field use was conditioned to him having a mentor - which wasn't a problem and while you could argue if this was legal/necessary, it wasn't an issue for him. But, he was able to demonstrate 'good reason' for his firearms which it appears you have as well. Although I think .223 for fox is more likely to be successful than .243.
  9. Glenshooter

    Marriage question for you all

    I suspect you're actually joking ........ and that there's a follow up coming! I certainly hope so....
  10. Glenshooter

    At what point....

    I slightly hesitate to mention this here but it is probably relevant... I've just had two weeks on an annual holiday where I do a load of rabbit shooting. This year, my Eley HP Subs are a different box design and while the older ones ie pre 2017 have been absolutely reliable and accurate, these are inconsistent. With one or two flyers per 5 shot group at 50 yrs. The flyers being up to 1.5 in away from the rest of the group. (And this over a few boxes that I've been using so it's not just one or two groups). Nothing else has changed, same rifle, scope etc. Over the last 20 years of shooting, I've never encountered this before. Some Winchester subs that I've tried seem much better with no flyers with the 50 or so that I've tried. Is anything going on at Eley?
  11. Glenshooter

    Travelling to Ireland to shoot

    Where did this information come from? i'm travelling later this week to NI to shoot....
  12. Glenshooter

    Travelling to Ireland to shoot

    No cost to bring in GB firearms to Northern Ireland,with the exception of £12 for a Certificate of Approval to bring in a sub 12 ft lb air rifle, as Toontastic has said.
  13. Glenshooter

    Midlands game fair

    Dunno. Air Arms seemed to be there, but didn't see Daystate. Also didn't see BSA but no point in any case as their lack of interest in speaking to mere punters is too much from the guys I saw on the last BSA stand I visited. Although for individual firearms manufacturers, it looks like the Feb Shooting Show is the place to go. There were some manufacturer's banners eg BSA on the airgun shooting area but that may have been their only corporate presence. GMK ie Sako and Tikka were there, S&B / Parabellum were in fine form, Sportsman's with Nightforce, Beretta, Browning, didn't look at all the ladies knickers stands, Night vision, Fox calls, lamping, nice 6l V8 Landy for £89k, https://www.dropbox.com/s/oz51qkfa2hcwxra/IMG_1544.MOV?dl=0 http://www.neneoverland.co.uk Swarovski scopes, great choice on the Hawke stand where they seemed to have every scope ready for viewing mounted on a 'wooden stock', at least 50 if not more - with a good indication of the scope details. Great gundog advice for me who has two 21 week cockers to train... Nice cleaning kit by Remington. I already must have hundreds of cleaning brushes and items but for £10?? http://imgur.com/a/USXhJ would have been rude not to.... No idea about fishing as it's of zero interest to me. Oh, and mud. Loads of mud... http://imgur.com/a/EIilX No young ladies in high heels this year.... All in all, a good effort and cost of entrance, £0.00. Thanks BASC!
  14. Glenshooter

    Midlands game fair

    The Midland is now very disappointing indeed for shooters, IMHO. £20 on the day and £18 in advance for adults. Shooting show/ Hatfield game fair looks better value, of course depending on where you live.
  15. Glenshooter

    Starting off spaniel training (me first)...

    Thanks folks for your comments. Appreciated.