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  1. Its got to be Zanu PF, there the way forward
  2. So you have to have insurance to go shooting is it the law to have insurance? how many people you know have made a claim? And what about the people who aint got permission or have not got there permission in walking distance? And the more people that go out hunting and trading in the rabbits etc the prices will go down and you get naff all.
  3. The thing is if they raise the price on alcohol, the customers will turn to something else like drugs that the government cannot control the price of..
  4. Well all her hard work was wasted http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7919830.stm
  5. it is a nice gesture. but is this a temp measure or is it permanent? still dont see the point, you could be unemployed one week and claim the discount then the next week you can be back in work. You dont need to join any organisation though, only as previously said if you want to join a club. So why bother.
  6. kk I challenge you to only spend £45 in a week and thats to provide food and pay your bills and keep your car on the road. see how much change you get from that
  7. Off course you spend money on the cartridges then the stuff for maintaining the gun. Then the car to go out and hunt you food. all on £45 a week, then after your shooting you then turn to your bills Electric, gas, TV licence, Car tax, petrol, MOT, Phone and internet bills. Right kids your gonna have pigeon for breakfast pigeon for lunch and pigeon for dinner cooked outside on the fire cause we aint got no gas. Its cheaper if you go to the supermarket and buy the markets brands. If I lost my job hunting and shooting would not be on my list unless going out with somebody to drive m
  8. My Labrador done it when he was young. Went up to a workmate who was making a fuss of him and as she did he was peeing on her shoe
  9. its not just that, what if the kid gets hold of the gun and decides to walk down the street with it to show it to there friends? A policeman wont know if its loaded or not.
  10. Lee you are a great asset to this forum.
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