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  1. My spIII also tarnished quite badly after about 6 months. I was dissapointed and after sounding off to anyone who would listen was told to use autosol to keep on top of the tarnishing. Where will I get peek polish from? Also the 686 20 bore I bought at the same time is still shiny despite being used as much as the spIII.
  2. monkeyjaimz do you have a BSA R10? How have you found it to perform?
  3. I had a go with the air arms and the Hw100 today. I was vey impressed by the accuracy of the HW100. I still havn't had a go with the daystate. A fella i was talking to was trying to steer me away from the daystate rifles because of problems with electronic triggers. Its good to know that .177 will do for both hunting and HFT.
  4. I know this has probably been asked and answered many times but i cant find it and need to know. I've been shooting clays for a while and the clay ground has a new air rifle section. I have a theoben fenman but fancy a pcp. I have three in mind AA S510, Daystate Mk3 and Hw100s. My fenman is .22 so I was thinking of having a go with .177 It would be used for targets and hunting. I can afford the above but ant the best quality. Any ideas?
  5. Been down there a few times myself for the decent rates on thurs. Got to admit I was **** on the high tower!!
  6. My dads a train driver and when he used to be on detics back in the day they used to use tab end as ear plugs. He's suffered from it in the the long run! Eh? Whats that, you'll need to speak up!
  7. silverpig1


    I bet he drinks carling black label!! The brickies couldnt have forgotten their bicycle clips on that build!
  8. I'm relatively new to shooting and have been using my Beretta Gold E only for clays. My cousin has invited me to join him for a pigeon day (my first time out on live birds) Will the gold e be fine using 30g number 6's?? Any advice would be welcome
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