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  1. To be effective with a vehicle ideally you really need 3 people. Driver, lamper and gunman. It can be done with less but it is not as good. You can do foot patrol on your own but there are safety issues involved from simply falling down to getting personally attacked by bullocks or the odd nutty anti. In the past I have had someone come out into the fields trying to find me by using a small torch. I knew the ground and just moved out of the area rather than confronting an unknown person and unknown agenda. I used my field skills to avoid them and carry on doing what I was doing. As far as they
  2. Why do you need a vehicle of any sort for? For many years I have shot on foot. Backpack battery, lamp, homemade standing night bipod. You don't need to drive over every inch of the estate every night. Even if you did chances are that you can drive round half an hour later and you will say where was that one when we came round and. Been at all of these points before both on foot and with vehicle. As long as you show your face and knock a few over your doing your duty.
  3. Hi Chris. That church is very decorated. the corpse thing is pretty vile and people were filing past it kissing it's feet. the dirty *******. yuuck. the box was like an embossed Backo foil coffin. In Argostoli we walked about halfway along the key and then up a side street towards probably the main shopping street there was a sports / fishing shop on the right in this side street. they had shotgun shell boxes in the window. I dont know what make they were. Sort of pastel pictures of partridges on the box. So someone must do some sort of shooting out there. there is probably a cl
  4. I don't know about differences between models but pigeons have a mind of their own and what might work one day might not on another. Some days a flapper will draw them in like a magnet and another they will flair off. Don't rely on any model.
  5. Check out this. We've got some of these for general outdoor use. They are light but strong. A real BOSHER bargain. 2 for £10 and Tesco points also. I don't know where ours came from but they've got a bag with handle and shoulder strap. £72 !!! That outfit are having a laugh. Rip off merchants. Check this out.>>>>> https://www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-blue-folding-camping-chair/100-7307.prd?skuId=100-7307&pageLevel=sku&sc_cmp=ppc*PX+-+Recreation*PX+-+Shopping+GSC+-+Tesco+Brand*PRODUCT+GROUP100-7307*&gclid=CjwKCAjwranNBRBhEiwASu908GXT_xmc2I2jyiZNR0ONSg6RlyttTBqF5a-F5ney
  6. I had a situation where I sprayed chain grease into my 500 to quieten down the action. It worked very well until one cold snowy day the dog bolted a rabbit out of cover and all I got was a click. I became a beater with a fence post Mossberg for the rest of the afternoon. On inspection the grease had hardened and slowed the hammer so that it didn't have enough impact to fire the primer. Yours could be a clogged action, a broken or worn part. They are pretty robust. Apart from that it hasn't ever had a problem. The main irritation that mine has is that it is a 3"and if I stuff more than five 2-3
  7. If you like the gun and you shoot well with it don't worry about it. Just carry on using it. So what if there are a few minor pits up the tubes. It isn't a safety issue. If you had a ported barrel they'd just drill a load of holes in the end. All of the old guns years ago had pitts up the tubes. I've got an old AyA #4 in the collection that has loads of big Pitts up the tubes. I take out a lot just because I shoot well with it. The gun doesn't have much financial value if I were to sell it so why get rid of it. Just keep cleaning so that they don't get bigger. Use Ed's Red and a phosphor bronz
  8. fortune


    My best wishes for him and his family. It is a hard fight to undertake. I have lost my mother and father and several other close relations to cancer. The wife has lost her father and several relations also. It all depends on how quick you find it and what treatment you get and the positive attitude of the person. When my mum was ill we went through bags of old family photos writing down who they were and when they were taken so that the information wasn't lost forever. This helped both mum and us in coming to terms with the end result. I wish that I had,had longer to talk to dad about his life
  9. fortune

    Cheap scope

    If it is only for a short time, can't you make do with the iron sights on the gun if it still has them fitted? The money saved could go on better optics when you do buy out in the states. 6x42 is a good choice but consider 8x also. 8x isn't too much mag or too heavy and if you want to put it onto a bigger Cal it suits longer distance.
  10. they've got the same work load and staff, so how did it take over a year and now it's down to a telephone call and a couple of days or weeks? are they just rubber stamping the ones that are the same as last application?
  11. I dont use paraffin, I use acetone and white spirit in mine. And a phosphor bronze brush rotated and then rod through with bog roll. the stuff comes out black. bores end up like mirrors then mop through with hydraulic oil. I've had some of my guns since the 70's. 303 does smell nice
  12. I don't think that it is you that the pigeons are seeing. I've stood against a gatepost without any net at all before and they have come in. Try putting either some net or branches behind you.
  13. In regards to the incident that I mentioned there isn't any sort of chemical industry or anything that I can think of that would account for the smell or the amount of time / quantity of material that would have caused it. Although we are some miles away from the coast, it is only residential and agricultural. At certain times of the year We sometimes get agricultural cow smells but this wasn't anything like that. It came and went but no one really noticed or commented on it. Now that the flag has been raised, if it happens again more notice and investigation might take place. If the lifeboat
  14. is this sort of thing happening with some regularity, but it isn't being reported? one afternon about a month ago there was a very odd chemical smell that drifted up from the coast direction on a fairly brisk breeze. This lasted for about half an hour or so. A bloke down the road who had been working out in his garden mentioned it to me so I wasn't imagining it. the smell didn't cause any problem health wise. to me it sort of smelt like a mixture of acetone. some sort of fuel and burnt plastic.I didn't really take a lot of notice of it at the time because it was just an odd smell but it did
  15. http://www.verney-carron.com/pages-us2/liste-export.htm You might have to make one. Got any idea where it was lost? Got a metal detector? Wasn't a popular gun so not many sold.
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