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  1. Weihrauch hw90 22 calibre Recent service on the gas ram ram and running at a smooth 11.4tlbs Beechwood stock Looking for £350 ono Would be open to swaps Better pics avaliable on request Located grantham Lincolnshire
  2. So been gifted a hw90 from a friend not been shot for a few years, chronoed and coming in at a healthy 11.2ftlbs. First gas ram ive had or ever shot 😂 the firing cycle is err different to say the least!! And the weight is something else even heavier than my tx and hw77. Accuracy seems on point so gonna give it a chance and see how I get on with it. Any one else have one? Is the strange recoil just a case of getting accustomed to?
  3. I used to box and kickbox when I was a lot younger, never was a exceptional boxer/kickboxer but I enjoyed it immensely and trained 5-6 days a week over a 15 year period. I do slur occasionally and think it's down to the repeated head contact, still I knew what I was getting into so it's on me. Wouldn't allow my kids to do it though,, heads too precious and I've seen enough to know that you don't want to be punched in the head repeatedly.
  4. Looking for a lurcher pup in the near future. Noy really fussed on what's in the mix as long as from working parents. Bitch or dog also am easy about, will be a good working home for life.
  5. Theoben actions wanted mk1/2 broken or incomplete full rifles considered please pm me
  6. not 100% sure but may do ill check tomorrow for you
  7. thanks for that , ill have a look on the farming forum
  8. I have bought and in process of setting up a new buisness , clearing the old stock room and out building ive found a few brand new tractor tyres . Im strictly going to be cars and vans tyre wise so im a bit stuck with these , anybody know what sale sites or if there is any to stick these on ? apart from the usual i.e ebay and gumtree thanks ?
  9. Non fac Either calibrate but would have liked .177 or .20 Stocks not important Let me know what you have please 😊
  10. Hi all After a mk1/2 rapid Would consider any stripped rifles eg blocks And damaged rifles in need of repair Please pm me Cash waiting
  11. Christmas at the parents this year after a split from the ex and I had to move back 😂 Nephews and nieces all running round and plenty of food and drink surrounded by my favourite people . No hunting for me though as without ferrets or even a airrifle at the minute and had to rehome the dog but will enjoy a few long walks with my mums terriers Christmas morning and Boxing Day
  12. Kyokashinkai is the full contact karate yes ? Again a pressure tested system and one where the basic techniques are re enforced constantly The fact is we have no idea how good Bruce was , I think we could safely say he would have been able to defend himself against the average attacker as much due to his superior fitness and conditioning as well as his martial arts training .
  13. Competition for one thing prepares you for the inevitable adrenaline rush that would happen during any sudden conflict or attack on the street etc The hard resistance you get from a non resisting opponent in any combat sport that is full contact would most of the time stop you being sucker punched as your used to physical violence . As for forgetting 90% of your training this goes back to muscle memory and training regulary at a decent gym/dojo as the basics are renforced daily , a hard punch kick or throw is a still a hard kick punch or throw with or without the confines of a sporting environment . If I'm really getting pummelled I don't need anyone to teach me how to stomp the groin bite or poke my fingers in there eyes 😂 No matter how effective Krav Maga/Jkd it all boils down to controlling the adrenaline/shock of confrontation You won't learn that from a non pressure tested system Oneshotkiller Dam grade judo Former boxer Muaythai fighter And have trained in Jkd/Jun fan kickboxing
  14. Martial arts that are pressure tested constantly ie boxing/Mma/Muay Thai/ judo/Bjj are your best bet for self defence due to the nature of the training . Live sparring against real resistance full contact and repretitive drilling to engraving the movement into the muscle memory . Bruce lee was obviously a very skilled man but the hype and mystique his Jkd encourages is in my opinion dangerous , I see so many people who claim they have all these killer techniques that would devastate a opponent on the "street" it's laughable . The average boxer would always beat the average martial artist ........ Why ? it's a relatively simple skill set to learn and the constant repetition of those basic punches builds muscle memory and quick reactions coupled with the fact they are always being tested through sparring . There's no magic to martial arts
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