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    rough shooting,fac and shotgun,night shooting with night sight.<br />Basc member<br /><br />Beneli M1 90 Semi Auto 12g<br />Bettonsoli O/U Multichocke 12g<br />Spanish SS 12g<br />.17 HMR Sako Quad with Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50<br />.22 Sako Quad with Pulsar N550 Digital NV<br />.22 Ruger 10/22 with White Tail Classic 3-9 x 50<br />.22 S410 Air Arms TDR . Hawke Endurance <br />Have shooting available and looking to share with people who also have shooting available

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  1. Obviously one of the electrical components has a fault on it and I would suspect the fan being the culprit. Think the fan should start up first and as it trips as soon as you switch on then maybe thats it . You really need to get it checked by a qualified person though. Good luck
  2. hogey


    30 mm sports match adjustable mounts wanted please
  3. hogey

    Extending WiFi

    Can you not run a cable from your providers modem to the annex. You can buy a cable ready made at various lengths and will just plug in, If your unable to run cable all the way then run it as close as you can and put in another router
  4. hogey

    chat room.

    watch the wife doesn't catch you
  5. I stalk in areas with poor or no mobile phone signal. A couple years ago my wife bought me a Spot 2 device to be used if I fall over. Obviously would need to be conscious to set of the alarm which would then alert the emergency services. It also has a facility to send a OK message to which I do when I get back to my truck. You can google these and find out all about them. I always carry mine when out stalking now
  6. I am a time served Electrician but not Part P qualified. When I modernised the house I live in now I did the rewire myself and also installed the combi boiler and new heating system. This was all done under council planning permission and building regs due the the extension on the back of the house. I had the electrics tested by a contracting company qualified to do so and they gave me a booklet with all the test results entered. This cost £80.00 which was very reasonable . I had the boiler tested and certified by a gas safe engineer who gave me as test certificate .This was again reasonable at £40.00. These where handed to the council who where then happy to sign off the work that had been done . If you are competent I see no reason doing it this way so long as you get it tested for your own and family's benefit
  7. I pay £25.00 for 20 in 308 so would have thought .243 should be similar but maybe as .243 is a necked down 308 you have to pay more
  8. hogey

    2014 BUDGET

    As I see it its good for us oldies.( some of us ) I am due to retire soon and its great news I do not have to buy an annuity with my pension pot that I have worked almost 50 years to collect. Under the old system I could have taken 25% lump sum tax free and then buy an annuity with the remains .To have a pension of 5k a year you need to invest 100000k.Pretty poor I think. Now I think I can still take my 25% tax free and the rest I can take in a lump sum and pay 20% tax on this . Its a much better deal as far as I am concerned . I know that there are a lot of people who will not benefit from this but the money used to change the private pension system dos not come from the countries taxes.
  9. Very sorry for your loss.Only 8 no age at all.
  10. I have a maculloch that I got off e bay and the fuel cap doessnt fit properly.I alos lost one of the nuts that holds the bar on and they want 14 quid for a new one. I wonder why the fuel cap is so hard to fit.It appears to me that the hole it fits into is no longer round making it tight to get started. So I endend up with a second hand Sthil that I bought from a guy of the SD.Its a cracker and not a bit of bother and almost like new when I bought it.Just felled a big old cherry tree last month and it was great.Get a good one mate will pay you in the long run.
  11. me too but not for much longer I hope
  12. Came offshore 18th December and will return 16 January.Just think of us all out here when you turn your lights on when you get up to open your prezzies with the bairns.All the very best to you all
  13. Both my borders have had kennel cough. Would suggest vet in the morning as its easily treatable . Good luck
  14. If you can afford to buy the cz and keep the ruger that's what I would do.I have a 10-22 and put a variation in for a bolt action sako and specified for night vision and Northumbria granted no bother
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