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  1. Sorry :yp: 40ft hover sounds a bit dodgy, right on the H/V curve limit - I would have given them the finger then duck
  2. Why try it again, when it failed the last time!! completely pointless and a waste of money.
  3. Just tried the Tsing Tao (made of fake ingredients ) I would put that second last with VB being in last place - why make a lager with no taste what so ever!
  4. I've received a thank you case of beer from a client - the case contains beer from around the world. Desperados (FR) Brooklyn Lager (USA) Cruzcampo (SPA) Keo (CYP) Moosehead Lager (CAN) Quilmes (ARG) Singha (THA) Tsing Tao (CHI) Tusker (KEN) Victoria Bitter (AUS) So far I've had VB which was like drinking tap water - and Cruzcampo which was ok, again not much flavour. The big surprise has been the Brooklyn Lager, I opened it thinking it would be like Miller, far from it - its one of the nicest beers I've tasted now trying to source a few cases! Any others in the list I should be looking forward to ?
  5. I thought they weren't going to do it this year - they give the fields a rest every 4 years, this year being the 4th
  6. If its on iPlayer, you can use a program called "iPlayer Downloader" - the only problem is, iPlayer isn't good quality if its for TV. From Sky+ - use a DVD recorder, use an HDMI cable if you can (Sky+ HD?) otherwise its a scart cable.
  7. agusta

    Angle grinder

    Use a pipe cutter, one of these will do it: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260733933012 Then as suggested, hit it with an FBH
  8. If I need anything I always buy locally now - when buying online the postage or "handling fee" is quite often more than the item :blink:
  9. agusta


    Depends if you can stand 40+ degrees at almost 100% humidity - I spent a few hours over there last August on the way to Singapore, it was the worst heat I've experienced, instant film of sweat, baking hot, which you can't get away from, not pleasant.
  10. Costs me an extra £15p/a, best to check with your insurance company as it obviously differs.
  11. agusta

    Top gear

    Didn't take them too long http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-12338053
  12. agusta

    Log Splitters

    Build one yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40sCGb678sQ
  13. Insurance is to help you at the point of injury/loss or if you suffer from permanent injuries i.e. paralyzes. Morally, I don't know how you could even think about claiming, you may have the odd scar but who doesn't - you still have a life, be thankful. We've just had to make an insurance claim for something I never thought or ever wanted to claim for, as I've said above just be thankful you're in one piece - you don't ponder for 1-2 years trying to decide whether it's worth claiming, if it's legitimate, you would have claimed at the point of injury. If you think the above is harsh then I apologise, but I really think you need to step back and put things into perspective.
  14. I've had Stihl chainsaws in the past - load of ***p, leak oil (normal according to the service centre ) constant carb problems and the stupid "no tools" chain tensioner was unreliable - give me a spanner any day Switched over to Husqvarna a few years ago, no problems so far, only the normal servicing required - starts whenever needed.
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