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  1. Ye we get quite a few white fronts. Here you can see one on the right
  2. Well had tlennox and his dad along this morning. They had a decent shoot counting for 6 geese as you can see. Good to see you again guys. Russ
  3. Just a few snaps from this week.
  4. Good shooting pc1 and good to meet you. Look forwords to seeing you again next week.
  5. Hi guys dose any one know any thing about leasing sporting rights from Yorkshire water?
  6. You are more than welcome pal, here is your pic
  7. If in Yorkshire ill take these can collect
  8. Out last night as quite a few of the fields are now cut :-) managed to get these 2 cubs.
  9. Hi guys got a Remmy 700 synthetic stock in right handed modle. £50 posted
  10. One of the tenant farmers rang nagging sort some pigeons out that were on a wheat field, any way as he had a busy day today The job fell down to me. So after finishing feeding n checking snares I went n sat up on top of one of the drives to watch the pigeons on the wheat field below to sus the flight lines. After choosing my spot a block of laid wheat I got set up with 2 lofted decoys in the tree that my hide was under and 5 decoys on the laid wheat. What a day I had birds did not stop at all. I new I would loos a lot of birds in the wheat due to not having my dog so I got the shot
  11. Right guys took a few short vids this morning of the geese flighting. http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff274/russ1991/d90492b2.mp4 http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff274/russ1991/f18c8844.mp4
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