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  1. Neither are really thirsty cars when you look at the performance and size of them. I have had both and they both 30 mpg. Current x5 m50d 390 bhp does 29 mpg driven hard.👍
  2. Great scope for Nightvision add on’s
  3. Deepest sympathy to you and your family at this time!
  4. N E minimum calibre is .222'. 70 yards maximum range,30 yards clear of cover!
  5. my amarok has pulled everyday, tried a Isuzu and everybody still used the amarok for towing the trailers, it feels more planted to the road.
  6. Test drove a new l200 and a Isuzu on Friday because I,m thinking of trading in the amarok as its 5 year old, both of them felt very poor compared to the VW, new hilux due out in next 6 months so I'll keep the VW until I can test drive the new hilux.
  7. I've handeld a longthorne and thought the balance and handling were excellent and the finishing to the stock were as good as you will see anywhere. Nice 20 bore for me one day!
  8. With FAC and SGC its guilty until proven innocent!
  9. Try tyreleader,just got bf goodrich 245/70/16 for £100 per tyre delivered
  10. People reporting rust issue's on new dmax,pictures on the farming forum
  11. I've had navara's 52 plate d22 and later shape 56 plate then a 59 plate ranger. I preferred the nissans to the ford, but I've now got a vw amarok and it's the best by far tows plant trailer,cattle trailer and goes off road nearly everyday,been totally trouble free over nearly 4 years of abuse. Great off-road hill decent, diff lock etc. navara's available on a good deal at minute as new model due out soon!
  12. Magpie call bird wanted in lancashire if anybodys started catching yet!
  13. call birds availible chorley area,lancashire
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