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  1. hi mike!I was there for just a few days.i will soon be back and we could try something together. PS:weather here in cyprus much better but no pigeons!!!
  2. Hi all!Some of you may remember me as i used to post regularly.I have been a member of NPPC for years but I have been living in Cyprus over the last18 months.Last week I was back to UK(guwess why!!!!) for some pigeon shooting.I met my old friend John Shooter and started planning my outings.first day was not that good as pigeons were rather anxious to decoy and had 17.Late in the afternoon tha magic farmer call came that pigeons were attacking some wheat.Early next morning i was there and saw the pigeons dropping into the field nicely.I set up and it started raining...pigeons!!!They kept coming from all angles until about 2 oclock.in the afternoon they were more following a flight line and although i had some spectacular shots i was rather below my usual pigeon/cartridge ratio.I ended the day with 152 pigeons and 2 black ones for 239 shots.Following day was very poor(17 for 23 shots and soaked in the nice british weather).My last day brought 54 in the morning and only 8 in the afternoon in a freshly swathed rape field that looked promising but didnt materialise... I follow the forum every now and then and try to keep in touch with whats happening with NPPC.For sure I will be back soon... Thanks John!
  3. Doc


    We have seen quite a lot of woodcock recently.We shot seven in our shoot yesterday(I shot 3 of them) but I have seen a few more about.
  4. Welcome!It should take about a week but then you will have all the time in the world to enjoy our favourite sport!
  5. Welcome!Plenty of land in your area and some good bags there already...
  6. Hi PJ.I DO apprecite your last post.Please understand that previous comments you have made were not particularly appreciated by NPPC members.Your post has made it a thing of the past and thats good for everybody.As far as your query is concerned(and wildfowler's) I can reliably tell you that there have been already some excellent bags on NPPC land.This winter is going to be the best(for pigeons) for many years.The only problem is that there is too much rape about and often a combined approach is needed with several guns.I think if somebody has got some time to look around the chances of a good bag are really good.
  7. Hi guys!CB,I couldnt agree more with your comments(I am just joining Teal and Hawkeye on their comments).PJ has tried to poison the NPPC forum in the past(fortunately unsuccesfully) and sometime we should wonder why is that(is there anything behind it?:blink:).PJ,if you continue behaving like that I think your views about NPPC are not welcome so please use other parts of pigeonwatch.I had been very friendly to you in the past but it looks like you try to abuse any information about NPPC. I will say it once more,in my opinion NPPC is a great club with great members that enjoy their shooting following the rules of NPPC.Please leave us in peace and spare your comments. PS:Hawkey,i know you had some good bags,WELL DONE!
  8. I agree with Double H and I ALWAYS use my rotary on early rape(up to march actually!).It usually works fine and I cant remember an occasion on winter rape that I got better results by taking the rotary back to the hide.Personally i use the fact of birds willing to land to be a bit more patient and try for a few more left and rights...This is definitely a sign of the pattern been effective,on the other hand I wont complain if they come in range and THEN try to fly away(too late).I just adjust my shooting(and timing) to be more efficient.
  9. Doc


    Cooky,Restrictions are obvious and they are the same that apply to fields that I shoot outside NPPC:We dont shoot when there are NO pigeons about AND when we cause more damage to the field by trying to shoot pigeons.If anybody is shooting their fields every day and there are always pigeons about thats fine!If people have unrealistic expectations about NPPC they better stay away from it!Some common sense often helps...
  10. Well done pete!At this time of the year the only way to shoot pigeons is to be prepared to look about and take your chances,i think its unfair to expect John to know excactly which stubbles are still available.At this time of the year I am prepared to look about and drive a bit waiting for an opportunity to arise...On saturday i was driving(and having a look at several fields) for almost 3 hours until I found a freshly cut corn field with a bit of movement(not NPPC land).It picked up in the afternoon and i ended with 64 woodies and 3 black ones for 95 shots.
  11. I spoke to John as well and its a similar sory.I think some of us may get some shooting on bean stubbles-provided they are away from woods and pheasants...
  12. Hi Ive!There should be quite a few fields in your area and there are fields as south as Birmingham.If you are prepared to travel north a bit you should be spoiled for choice.As far as I know many members havent got a 4 by 4 and its definitely not a problem for the vast majority of the fields.There is actually a member who shouldn't be living far from you and goes shooting in his toyota carina(if I remember well...Abu,am i right?). Hope this helps.
  13. Hi Ive!The best thing you could do is to call John at 08707572246(or click at the top of the page www.shootppigeons.co.uk).If you are a member you get a list (extensive...) of fields with reference no and as far as i am concerned you can easily find the fields on local maps.The way you book your shooting is that you give john a ring and book a particular field.When you have the list you can obviously go round and have a look to find out where the pigeons are.You rarely have anything to do with landlords.A tip is to let John know days that you are available (especially weekdays).Often farmers will call John to send a member ASAP if pigeons are hitting their crops.I find the system excellent and I have never experienced any problem in booking a field. PS:If you let us know the area where you live I am sure some members will know what is available in your area.
  14. Hi Rob(and others who have made recent enquiries about NPPC).I have been a member for some time now(I am the happy chap posing proudly on the NPPC site after a good days shooting).I think membership is worth every penny and to take it further I think its a bargain.I find John, who runs NPPC,a very nice and honest man and if you can spend some time looking about there is often a good bag waiting for you.Personally I have had some exceptional bags on NPPC land over the years and fully recommend it.
  15. I go out almost every week throughout the year(although in winter I do quite a lot of game shooting).In summer I often go out up to 3 times a week(after work...) as pigeons feed late on the stubbles and very good bags are achievable after 5pm...
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