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  1. Thanks to you all that posted, excellent advice. It makes sense to run it in but was hoping I could get away with not having to do that. I will put some 70mm through it and see if that sorts it out. Will report back in due course, hopefully with good news. Cheers all the best
  2. So just treated myself to an A400 extreme plus, took it out to put a few cartridges through it today. However it did not cycle any of the fifteen, 67.5mm 32g no 6s I put in it. Spoke with the gun shop I bought it from and they said that I must put 2.3/4 (70mm) cartridges through it to make sure its not cycling properly before they will send it back to GMK or risk being charged carriage if it does cycle them when it gets tested with 2.3/4 cartridges. A bit miffed by this as I was hoping that I didn’t have to buy different cartridges n could use the same cartridges that I use in my Benelli m2. Never had this problem with any of the other semi’s I have had in the past. Am I expecting too much of this gun? Any advice or suggestions to help me out would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Deeks provisionally sold pending the usual.
  4. Hi all, I have 40 pigeon deeks in all but a few are a bit pellet ridden so will chuck these in for free so hence 37 deeeks. These have been well used and are a bit dirty, some of the non flocked deeks have a bit of peeling paint, nothing that a bit of TLC wont put right, the price reflects this. I do have a couple of pictures of set up but cant upload pictures for some reason but am willing to PM them. The setup consists of: 20 x flocked shells 6 of those I have done myself. 13 x non flocked full bodied deeks. 1 x flocked full body done by me. 6 x non flocked shells. 14 x spring sticks 9 x eezi wobblers 6 x normal sticks £65 posted. Dont want to split must be sold all together, cheque or postal order as do not have paypal. cheers
  5. Dont want to hassle you but have had no reply to PMs over CZ 22, 10 shot mag I need your name & address. cheers
  6. I will have the mag please. I will PM you cheers
  7. 22 air rifle SAK sound moderator, as new Black £30 posted Cheques only pleas as havent got pay pal cheers for looking
  8. Yes please I will have them PM sent Cheers
  9. Hi all, I am looking to sell my Franchi Raptor and while looking her over I have just noticed that the bead sight it is missing. Does anyone know what the bead thread size is for a Franchi Raptor 712??? I have had a look at a few webites but with no conclusive answer. cheers
  10. Thanks for holding it for me, unfortunately havent enough pennies in the piggy bank this month. Cheers B
  11. Am also interseted if deal falls thru with baywings.
  12. I had a fantastic afternoon last Thursday, I shot for 3 hrs & picked 56 pigeons, I had 63 on the clicker!! I was shooting over flax.
  13. Good one mate, I havent any peas on my permission this year
  14. Thanks for all your replies, it is intersting just to see the distribution of new arrivals of swallows within this small group of replies. cheers
  15. Was out shooting over rape near Tilmanstone yesterday, didnt really have an eventful morning, so decided to pack up and move to another field, whilst I was bringing the deeks in I noticed a swallow, then I saw another all in all i saw 5 swallows, just wondering if anyone else has seen any yet???
  16. So just keep plinking away, wipe her over with an oliy rag after an outing, strip/clean the bolt and wait for the moderator which is a SAK to settle in. Thanks to all who replied for the advice....
  17. I bought a Harris bipod from Bushwear just before Christmas on special offer for £40 delivered , bloody bargain, it is the L1A2 fixed 9-13 inch model not sure if thet are still on offer though....
  18. Hi all, I am after some basic advice, I have just become the proud owner of my first .22LR, a CZ silhouette and I am not to sure on the frequency of cleaning the barrel. When I picked up the gun from the RFD I bought 200 CCI s, I wanted some Eley subs but the RFD only had Winchesters or CCI s, so I bought a couple hundred CCIs. I have only put 45 bullets through her and she is absolutely filthy, the rifling looks more like a shot gun barrel after a good days shooting!!!! Should I put a brush through??? What kind of brush do people use??? Is it a case of basically clean the barrel when it is dirty...... Is it because the CCi are a "dirty" bullet ? I have also noticed that a few of the bullets seem to have quite crack on them not the quiet thwack that a moderated rifle should have, does this sound like a bad batch of bullets or just the norm??? Thanks in advance for your advice
  19. Cheers for the good advice, I have kinda got my heart set on a CZ, would like to buy new as I like to keep my guns, unless I cant get on with it, but having said that I have used a couple of CZs on range days and I like them. Totally agree about the scope am working on it, I have a good friend in the States and scopes are more affordable out there. Early Chrimbo present I reckon. I feel for ya dieseldogg that sucks mate.
  20. Yeah I have read about the inherant accuraccy of the CZ and I do think the Silohuette synthetic looks tastey. Will have to do a bit more research. Credit card is gonna get a bashing!!!
  21. I applied for my fire arms certificate on the 23rd September, I didnt hear anyhing for 3 weeks so I gave the Fire arms dept a ring to make sure it wasnt sitting on some ones desk. I was told to contact my local FEO who happens to be Mick Toy, which I did and to my amazement he said "when do you want to see me", therefore an appointment was made for that Friday. I had done my background stuff, such as ammo safe securely bolted to wall and all permissions slips duely filled in and signed, gun cupboards all ready sorted as I have a couplle of shotties. Mick Turned up on Friday evening with a wad of paperwork. Its good to see that even with that amount of paperwork that he was still very cheery. I was very impressed with the initial interview process and with the good advice he dispensed. He advised me that I was looking at about 2-3 weeks for the certificate to be issued, what a bonus... Got home today and Certificate was in post, double bonus. I would just like to say I am well chuffed with my FEO and Sutton Rd Firearms dept it only took about 2 weeks from the phone call to the licence arriving so how about that for service??? I am now in the enviable position to go and buy my first .22 rifle, is it going to be a CZ or Sako
  22. Just recently 1 of my UK shootwarehouse hide poles that I bought about 16months ago snapped whilst I was pushing it into the ground and 2 others bent at the the foot plate, quite annoying, the ground round here is rock hard at the moment. Anyway the next day ( Tuesday)I phone UK SW up and the freindly chap did ask if I was trying to push them into concrete but without a quibble said that he would dispatch 3 more new poles straight away By Thursday I was in receipt of 3 new poles So thanks to UK SW for looking after the customer.
  23. Have you still got these jackets, as my bro might be interested in one. cheers
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