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  1. Hi Lee is the Miroku still for sale regards Dave nixon

  2. Just read the rules again and they seem to have changed since I last read them. So putting a bunch of stars is classed as mock swearing. Well if that's why I have my warnings then that's pathetic beyond belief.
  3. I mock swear all the time. But in accordance with the rules. All blocked out ******** like so
  4. Did any of you get told about this from a mod or anyone??
  5. Iv not done anything. Pretty sure of it. If I had I'm sure the mods would of said something to me about it. I hope there not gained by association for being friends with ditchie cos I can drop him like a hot potatoe
  6. Iv just noticed on my profile page I have 3 warning point. What's that all about then. Wasn't awear I'd done anything wrong
  7. I hope your on about mud flaps
  8. As long as it old conveyer belt rubber I'm in
  9. longest 3 and a half week of my life
  10. i mark, its factory choked, comes with 4 standard invector chokes, thanks. lee
  11. viking


    i think its time to follow in the great mans footsteps, to many gimps on here nowadays, some have to be the class clown, some have to be the big man and some are just very sad minded little people with nothing better to do, but on a whole 98% are friendly,helpful,kind,generous, informative and just out and out decent people, hang on ditchie...............................................im coming with you
  12. viking

    new car

    no problem mate, its just another ruined thread
  13. well a rough guess id say a woman might prefer a compact as its easy to carry around in her bag, but obviously not knowing your wife i have no idea, or what she may use it for, for simplicity and easy to carry about id go for a nice compact, there very very good nowadays and are plenty of makes about, iv always liked the Panasonic range myself, and the good thing is there are plenty of happy snappers on here who will give you all the advise you need, there are that many cameras about nowadays its a long read looking at all there specs, iv done it countless times, good luck with your search mate
  14. viking

    new car

    if thats made your evening, you need to get a life, no need to join in with the idiots to try make friends, and i think you will find iv never had my license revoked, why is it certain people really do have noting better to do than try to be clever,
  15. compact, bridge,or dlsr, whats your/her preference
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