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  1. Hi, yeah thanks for the replies, I've designed the box, just need to find some time to weld it up. Cheers
  2. Hello Chaps, I was wondering if someone could supply me with the dimensions of an average box of cartridges? I am not near any at the moment and I am trying to make up a crate to store them in. Any help much appreciated, Thanks Sam
  3. Aye, I got more that I know what to do with up here as well. Half of the city comes to a halt when a flake falls..... Why can't winter tyres be make mandatory in winter! I have used them for the last few winters and I have yet to find a road that can't be passed if you drive sensibly. Most of the delays today were caused by people who were not equipped for the winter. The funniest thing was an aston martin that was over taken by a pedestrian! The only thing that stops the volvo is lack of ground clearance, I'm limited to 10 inches of snow.
  4. What I did was get a pair of Hella 3003 spots and swap the bulbs for a 35W HID kit. Amazing how bright they are! They take a few seconds to get to full power then they are blinding!
  5. Hat to clear the snow off the car yesterday morning. And I'm in the city center! Fitting my snowtyre at the weekend. I think that Winter Tyres should be mandatory between November and April.
  6. I was trying to get on this to no avail. Even though it is a trusted site, the server could have been hacked and infected with something nasty.
  7. I did this with my fiesta (same chassis as a KA) when I came back from shooting one day. Got in through the sunroof... except that the roof objected to holding my 22 stone and buckled...the sunroof never closed properly again, even after straightening the roof.
  8. Yup, I'm in Aberdeen city. Not been shooting much since Kingscliff closed down and I seriously need the practice! Anyone know of a clay ground nearer than Dundee?
  9. Range Rover Classic 3.9 V8. 10mpg on road. 6 - 8 offroad.
  10. I have the brattonsound one with the single keyhole and 5 big bolts, hopefully that will last at least 10mins. And it's bolted to the house, so if you want to take it, you get the house too.... Really the biggest defence of the cabinet is if it is hidden. It really is not hard to get into with the right knowledge. And as an engineer who has to find solutions to this kind of thing, it does not need much imagination how to get in.
  11. I have done the Land Rover Experience course in the Borders, although it was in my Range Rover Classic! Didn't do it with the official chaps, just the land owner, but it was a great course, would love to have seen a new landy do it! Some of it was decently challenging.
  12. If you are thinking about working on the 3.5, it really isn't worth it. A 3.9 is better before you even start. Tweak it up and you can get 200BHP out of one. Mine's LPG converted, runs very sweet, not really any loss in torque, although top end power drops off a bit. Converted it from air suspension to good springs, police spec heavy duty with roughly 1" lift. Bilstein Sport B6 shocks all round, make a huge difference in the handling with even more articulation off road. The drop is at max now, any lower and I will need a double cardon prop shaft! Took it offroad in the snow today, enormous fun and never even got close to stuck, even in a foot deep!
  13. Judging by Top Gear last night, the Range Rover is the best!
  14. Range Rover Classic. Comfort Style Noise Go anywhere a Defender can Cheap Bodywork doesn't rust
  15. I have a Range Classic 3.9 Vogue SE 1993 as my main car. Yep, had load of problems, but just fix it and carry on. Can't beat the roar of the V8! Rust is not really a problem on mine, chassis is solid. Only thing is they are cramped in the cabin, not much leg room for a big chap (or head room). Great offroad and in snow.
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