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    ex squaddy (Sappers) ,then old bill, now retired .... enjoy rough shooting, pigeon/duck/rabbit/clay(but they take a long time to stew),both with shotgun, stalking, target Rifle CSR,and air rifles....other half shoots rides bikes and is a good plucker.... lol
    motorbikes... rallies riding and partying

    from London originally, both of us have moved about in our lives, but now living in Glos.

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  1. nic

    Drag bag

    hello, what is the length of it please
  2. as above, kit to reload 38 special loads for an underlever
  3. bit skint (due to CSA/divorce etc) needing new exhaust for only transport - a yam fj1200 - so a twin car exhaust tail pipe cut, sleeved down and fitted was a tenth of the price of a new bike one... improved sound and fuel consumption as well as hp! said on until bike went a year later
  4. nic

    Lee 223 dies

    hello pm sent
  5. hello, the mod above came with a 3 pronged tool to split it apart.... anyone got one hanging around they want rid off? Thanks Nic
  6. hello, re the AYA, what is it choked at and are you interested in a 22wmr in part ex?




    1. nic

      Tractor Tyre

      find out where the farmers get their tyres done... ask there and they often will give away if you can collect... thats how i got one as a toy for the pigs
    2. know of a 6x42 meopta for sale on a deer forum if you want details 105 quid
    3. the trouble with all of the game fairs is that people still expect to go to them and pick up real bottom dollar bargains.... you don't. The internet put paid to that a number of years ago, people go to the likes of SGC, on line after seeing the big adverts in ST and buy end of line stuff and have it delivered. What has not changed is the chance to meet old friends, compare kit, buy at reasonable prices, watch some demo's, have a go on the clay line, scurries, eat some food and talk b0ll0x. I like the internet, but if people only use that, where will you go to look at gear or try it on for size? If people do not support their local shops and shows, then they will die out. I will be there as my OH and I often help out on the scurries etc.
    4. bump, price reduced now 195 with scope. 22 WMR Stainless steel barrel, Synthetic stock, in good condition , but does have a couple of slight cabinet marks to butt. comes with 1 x magazine and whatever ammo I have at the time of sale, currently about 60 rounds. It has the Meopta 6x42 scope fitted and with that I want £195. If needed, I will remove the scope and mounts and leave it with just iron sights for £125. F2F sale only, Gloucester area, but I do travel about the area quite a bit. This is a no nonsense accurate rifle that I have used for vermin and target shooting. selling to make space in cabinet as taken up CSR target shooting and want a spare rifle for that.
    5. I did say i might be incorrect..........
    6. I may be incorrect but believe that the GL only stops the 'close season' period and does not negate the Wildlife and Countryside act which no precludes the use of toxic metals for shooting wildfowl in any location/time in England and Wales.... also precludes the use of shotguns which have more than 1 in chamber 2 in mag. may be worth checking before publicly discussing using 223 243 etc. (presume lead bullets)
    7. nearly as dangerous as no knowledge at all 🙂
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