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    ex squaddy (Sappers) ,then old bill, now retired .... enjoy rough shooting, pigeon/duck/rabbit/clay(but they take a long time to stew),both with shotgun, stalking, target Rifle CSR,and air rifles....other half shoots rides bikes and is a good plucker.... lol
    motorbikes... rallies riding and partying

    from London originally, both of us have moved about in our lives, but now living in Glos.

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  1. In regards to cost... it was less than a cheap semi or Turkish OU.... and the gun suits me. After 11 years of abuse it needed a good service anyway as I had only ever given a basic clean/oil and never really stripped it. so in my head, I had factored that cost off of the price as it was cleaned and serviced during the strip/rebuild. I could have reduced the cost by stripping the gun and doing the wood myself. The strip is easy... anyone can do that.... its the putting back together so it works and not have half a dozen spare parts that i was concerned with. The service I got from Chri
  2. Gun all done now. Got the barrel and working bits ceracoted Graphite Black by Tac Coatings of Hereford. http://www.taccoatings.co.uk/ I tried to get what I thought was just a vinyl wrap off.... what a Tw%t ! The gunsmith (https://www.lucasandwatts.co.uk/) who did it for me I do not think will want to do another..... it took nitromors, bead blasting and soaking in acetone to get it ooff and a lot of elbow grease to do around the chequering.... however the gun's furniture is now wax and oil finished and it basically looks like a new gun, not one that does 50 plus trips onto various m
  3. hello, what does the postage work out to?
  4. I presume that you will be volunteering onto a committee of the club then as you think giving volunteers even more work is fine..............:-)
  5. Hello, Regardless of your views on BASC itself, I was wondering what people think of the changes to how BASC will be dealing with multiple memberships? BASC have upgraded/modernised their membership management computer programme which will allow clubs to register an 'interest' in a member and will then be informed if a person has membership from another club/personal membership and it expires. As per now, there is a 3 month grace period after end of membership where the insurance can still cover you. Currently I have joint membership with the better half, who also
  6. As per every year, we have a waiting list, but what I find very frustrating is the number that say yes please, put me on the waiting list and then do not want to join when you contact them, or do not even bother to respond! I have had people make all sorts of comments ranging from .... thought again about it, found out now thats its not like all the old books anymore, to sorry now found a farm i can shoot pigeons on. its also some of the joining enquiries from people.... I don't have a shotgun licence yet, i will get one when i join....... It used to be Wildfowling was seen as the
  7. Its the beautiful weather like that that keeps all the game shooters from ruining wildfowling and making it too busy on the marshes 🙂
  8. now if you were in Glos, I would jump at it...
  9. so Tightchoke, why did you look????
  10. I really mis read the title of this and had to look out of curiosity 🙂
  11. As per title, wanted woodwork for a Browning 425 12 bore ou..... looking to redo a 425 waterfowl and in case i screw up.......
  12. nic

    Next season.

    the nice thing is being a river estuary, i have a choice of 4 sections all within 5-8 miles from the house
  13. nic

    Next season.

    I must be a rarity... due to Covid, although i could not get to one clubs marsh due to distance, I did more on my local marsh than usual as I wasn't using up my time either beating or on a pheasant syndicate... got out more than other seasons... can we do it again 🙂
  14. Chris Green did a bit on one of his DVD's showing the difference between a go pro and a 'professional' camera looking at a goose silhouette at 40 yards.... with the go pro it looked far further away!
  15. nic

    In the cupboard

    Friend of mine was vilified in local press a few years back ... she was an environmental officer for local council and got a special licence to control the gulls around the local tip..... it was not reapplied for
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