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    ex squaddy (Sappers) ,then old bill, now retired .... enjoy rough shooting, pigeon/duck/rabbit/clay(but they take a long time to stew),both with shotgun, stalking, target Rifle CSR,and air rifles....other half shoots rides bikes and is a good plucker.... lol
    motorbikes... rallies riding and partying

    from London originally, both of us have moved about in our lives, but now living in Glos.

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  1. As i understand it, DEFRA has confirmed that shooting is ok. only issue is for clubs concerning any restrictions that government place... its ok for individuals to break/bend rules, their choice but clubs then place themselves in a vulnerable position in this litigatious time. that said, unless we have wave 2 or 3 then , should be fine 🙂
  2. moving the season would take an act of parliament as the date are set in law
  3. some people making comments about not paying subs to their clubs just in case..... season is 5 months away yet, but the leases etc will still need to be paid, bills to pay etc. most clubs are likely to be able to come to some sort of arrangement to help members. Hopefully we will all be out there and have a far better season than the last one which was my worst ever
  4. i will check outbuilding tomorrow but may well have one which you could have at postage cost... will confirm tomorrow nic
  5. between the times of duffel bags and the black go bags, they issued a green holdall to replace the old suitcase. it was about 2 foot long 15 inch wide zip along top and two handles.... i have a german version of one for pigeon decoys when i am not walking too far
  6. nic

    Shooting costs

    most defiantly not wildfowling... depends on location and business situation. on a commercial shoot i beat on, the duck flighting is about 1/2 the cost of pheasants
  7. who ever bought this has got a real bargain... they are hitting 3 figures when they occasionally come up on the bay of fleas
  8. ifs its the 425 waterfowl, i know a couple who are after one.
  9. In uk we have Canada Geese.... I seem to remember that in Canada they used to have various sub species of Canada and when they changed it to only two, the headlines were that ? number of breeds were now extinct!.... one way of putting it! some [people do not like the taste of Canadas but I love them... goose jerky or pulled goose curry or casseroles
  10. not that bad if you reload... and still damm good fun to shoot
  11. as I understood it, the conference was now meant to be biannual with the same format as last year on the other years
  12. hello, could i have the lee case trimmer please.  How would you like paying





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