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    ex squaddy (Sappers) ,then old bill, now retired .... enjoy rough shooting, pigeon/duck/rabbit/clay(but they take a long time to stew),both with shotgun, stalking, target Rifle CSR,and air rifles....other half shoots rides bikes and is a good plucker.... lol
    motorbikes... rallies riding and partying

    from London originally, both of us have moved about in our lives, but now living in Glos.

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  1. nic

    hello, everyone around Glos seems to have all the kit they want so if you are still interested, i will find out how much postage would be tomorrow



    1. if you are still interested in the knife, I will work out postage tomorrow



      seems everyone in Gloucestershire has enough kit !!!




      1. nic

        Marlin  882 22 WMR

        yes I am a member! It's mine if you have any questions/offers Nic
      2. Hello, For those of you that have the MSA Sordin ear defenders here is a bit of info...... Yes they come with a 5 year warrantee and after 71/2 years mine gave up the ghost... so I bought a new set from Starkeys (https://www.starkeyheadsets.co.uk) I had a slight issue with leakage from the gel seal and was chatting to the guy from Starkeys, mentioned my old pic which were out of warrantee, when he told me that MSA have a fixed price repair............ Shortly I will have a spare pair for the princely sum of £35 plus the postage cost to Starkeys. Worth bearing in mind before buying new...... wish I had known 😞 ps I have no connection except as a customer to either firm. Nic
      3. nic

        having clear out GL13 area

        I would rather not post stuff. thats why i priced them cheap so that people could collect if they lived near enough. I am going to the shooting show next friday and will be near milton Keynes at some point the following week. so could meet/drop off if on way Nic
      4. having a clear out, photos sent on request. Cash on collection from GL13 area 1 Benchrest Stock for Anschutz 54 £100 SOLD Pending the usual 2 Stock for HW100 air rifle mk1 £25 3 Stock for Ruger 10.22 T £40 4 scope - Walther 4-12x50 CI ... illuminated reticule £25 5 scope unknown make 6-24x50 AOE £40 6 scope unknown make 3-9 mag ok for air rifle - free 7 Remington Insignia Edition Gut hook knife, fixed blade with leather sheath. new in blister pack £20 (unwanted prize) 8 Wooden 7.62 cartridge boxes... got half a dozen of them. £3 each pm for any details, with email address if photos wanted
      5. second hand stove suitable for outbuilding/workshop/reloading room etc etc This has the jets for LPG fitted but can run on normal gas if wanted( just needs jets changing- have got a set somewhere if I can find them.) £70 cash on collection from GL13 postcode area pictures can be emailed
      6. nic

        Tagged goose

        apparently we have a greenland whitefront with a tracker on it flying around Gloucestershire
      7. nic

        First Canada

        Congrats as with any meat that may be slightly tough/older etc... change the cooking style. instead of roasting, try slow cook, braise, use in stews and curries........ no such thing as 'bad' meat, just wrongly cooked meat.
      8. nic

        Crow Problem - Shooters Needed

        ******, too late 🙂
      9. nic

        HW80 stock

        i will look in garage, believe i have one
      10. nic

        Over and under sling

        quick release swivel fitted to screw mount in forehand. if unsure, get a gunsmith to fit it
      11. nic


        petrol hand warmer and an avery muff at waist height to keep hands out of wind one at a time
      12. nic

        New coat required, need advice

        for the money, you cannot beat army surplus. only issue for civvy types is understanding the sizes 🙂