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    ex squaddy (Sappers) ,then old bill, now retired .... enjoy rough shooting, pigeon/duck/rabbit/clay(but they take a long time to stew),both with shotgun, stalking, target Rifle CSR,and air rifles....other half shoots rides bikes and is a good plucker.... lol
    motorbikes... rallies riding and partying

    from London originally, both of us have moved about in our lives, but now living in Glos.

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  1. 3 bits of plastic off of a 25 litre drum or barrel, then pot riveted
  2. ex military goretex and the new MTP is a good colour for reeds
  3. jungle formula and if you have access to a costco, its not badly priced... two bottles plus an afterbite
  4. this one tasted good https://www.ducks.org/hunting/waterfowl-recipes-wild-game-cooking/spicy-goose-jerky nic
  5. part of the issue is the expectation that people have a right to a house/flat of their own. When i wanted to leave home i had choices... rent a flat or buy if rich enough, bedsit, lodgings, join army or old bill and get accommodation or a job with tied housing. now people want a house of their own straight away. imho benefits should be limited to 80% of what you could earn on minimum wages for a standard 40 hour week.... and that includes housing etc. if you choose to become pregnant after starting on benefits then they should not rise due to that kiddy. your choice. i know i am probably thought of as harsh, but i grew up with self employed parents who worked long hours, even when ill could not claim a penny as they were self employed. i chose to pay into a mortgage scheme and not P*** all of it away on holidays etc so now cannot ever claim a penny. i also spent too many years knowing that the job i got sent to with the people, ****** in the street midweek causing hassle in the early hours would not be people with a job to go to!
  6. WORKING CLASS????? single parent not working getting benefits is not working class!
  7. nic

    Drag bag

    hello, what is the length of it please
  8. as above, kit to reload 38 special loads for an underlever
  9. bit skint (due to CSA/divorce etc) needing new exhaust for only transport - a yam fj1200 - so a twin car exhaust tail pipe cut, sleeved down and fitted was a tenth of the price of a new bike one... improved sound and fuel consumption as well as hp! said on until bike went a year later
  10. nic

    Lee 223 dies

    hello pm sent
  11. hello, the mod above came with a 3 pronged tool to split it apart.... anyone got one hanging around they want rid off? Thanks Nic
  12. hello, re the AYA, what is it choked at and are you interested in a 22wmr in part ex?




    1. nic

      Tractor Tyre

      find out where the farmers get their tyres done... ask there and they often will give away if you can collect... thats how i got one as a toy for the pigs
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