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  1. If you click on “view full article” at the bottom of the ad you’ll see pictures. Eric.
  2. Maver Reality 2 piece 12’ match rod, never used and in original rod bag so mint condition......£25 picked up from IP22 area (Diss) Eric.
  3. Clearing some of my last bits of fishing gear:- Daiwa Ninja 3012A plus spare spool, used once so mint condition........£32 posted UK mainland only. Daiwa Crossfire 4000-3bi spinning reel, used twice so mint condition......£19 posted UK mainland only. Eric.
  4. I found this whilst having an attic sort out.....it’s in vgc apart from right hand latch not working but left hand ok and there’s also a centre locking point.........I lined the eggshell foam with soft cloth as I’ve seen how some foams can mark pistols. Measures 458mm x 355mm x 115mm. I’m asking £12 picked up from IP22 area (Diss) Eric. Couple more pics. Eric.
  5. Done and dusted....thanks David. Eric.
  6. I bought the above on a whim but never got around to assembling it....comes with all in the pic which includes instructions, 100 10mm mud balls and a spare elastic kit. £20 posted. Eric.
  7. He’s in Scotland where air weapons are licensed........and he’s not a pigeon watch member so he won’t see these posts. Eric.
  8. Congratulations on your sale.....a legendary rifle!😎 Eric.
  9. I never have to buy wooden spoons.........I normally win them!☹️ Eric.
  10. Would swap my complete carp outfit (Shimano, Fox, etc) for a Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector.......I no longer enjoy fishing or shooting but still like to get out in the fields swinging a detector. Eric.
  11. We know a song about that!.......”some people think that kids today have gone astray........”, Carol Deere 1962. Showing me age here!
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