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  1. eredel

    Browning and Top Gun cartridge bags

    Sensible offers on theTop Gun case considered. Eric.
  2. eredel

    Deben and Peltor ear defenders

    Sensible offers on the Peltors considered. Eric.
  3. eredel

    Skeet vest and Choke tube case

    Sensible offers on the vest considered. Eric.
  4. eredel

    Deben and Peltor ear defenders

    Debens now sold. Eric.
  5. eredel

    Browning and Top Gun cartridge bags

    Browning bag now sold! Eric.
  6. eredel

    Deben and Peltor ear defenders

    Fine if you’re deaf in one ear! 1 is the model number. Eric
  7. A Forest Land Country Collections dark blue skeet vest with yellow piping on pockets. Inside zip pocket, adjusting straps on back, twin zip for when extra clothing underneath in winter probably only worn a dozen times so vgc. Size Large. £20.00 posted. MTM Case-gard Choke Tube case, holds 6 chokes, as new. £6.00 posted....SOLD!! Regards, Eric.
  8. Pair of Deben Slim Electronic ear defenders, hardly used so like new. £65.00 posted. SOLD!! Pair of Peltor Bulls Eye 1, ear defenders, unused and as new. £15.00 posted. Regards. Eric.
  9. A Browning Masters 2 Ammo bag, only used from house to car and back again so never in the dirt and like new. £35.00 posted......SOLD!! A Top Gun cartridge bag again like new as hardly used. Holds about 125 boxed cartridges. £17.00 posted. Regards, Eric.
  10. eredel

    Weihrauch hw.99 s .22

    Message sent. Regards....Eric.
  11. eredel

    Gamebore Velocity cartridges

    Now sold subject to the usual. Eric.
  12. eredel

    Gamebore Velocity cartridges

    Yep!! ......they're still available. Eric.
  13. eredel

    2 x Amateur radio rigs

    Many thanks defender but I've now found both manuals. Eric. All now sold!! Eric.
  14. eredel

    Gamebore Velocity cartridges

    At the moment I don't know of anyone who's coming to your neck of the woods but if that changes and they're not sold I'll get in touch. Regards....Eric.
  15. eredel

    Gamebore Velocity cartridges

    I have 500 Gamebore Velocity 7.5 shot 28grm 12g plastic wad cartridges for sale as I no longer shoot. £75 picked up from Diss in Norfolk. Eric.