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  1. eredel

    Minute Book

    Guildhall minute books on Amazon for £29, various other places cheaper if you google. Eric.
  2. eredel

    Some Shooting Related Items.

    Ultrasonic cleaner arrived today well packed, tried it out.....marvellous bit of kit. Great deal!!....cheers Norrie. Eric.
  3. eredel

    Some Shooting Related Items.

    Second dibs on the ultrasonic cleaner if ol’ blue eyes doesn’t want it! Eric.
  4. eredel

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    I must admit I do hear good reports of the 400i so maybe I should give them a look....it’s just the colour....yellow??!! Just looked them up.......5.8lbs!!....that’s heavy! Eric.
  5. eredel

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    Gold or reproduction, untested.........yeah, right!!
  6. eredel

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    Cheers John, I’m forever hopeful! Eric.
  7. eredel

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    The one on the bay has not been looked after, probably works ok but tatty. I clean my detectors after each outing and my 4 year old Deus looks like new, anal I know but when I go to sell I’ll get top price! Never got on with Minelabs, hated the “musical” tones but I’ve tried Golden Masks, good machines for the money but at my age I have to go for light as possible so I can get as long in the field as possible. Troys were brilliant machines if you mastered the discrimination control, that’s why if I can pick up a tidy one I’ll be happy! Eric.
  8. eredel

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    There’s an X5 on the bay at the moment John but it looks pretty tatty but I keep my eye open for a bargain on there, Staffs are running their stock down as they are just going to manufacture and sell covers I believe. I’ve used XPs for years and a Deus for 4 but I like to try and have a more basic machine for back-up and friends to use (not such a loss if nicked from the car either), may even go back to a Laser....just depends what comes along. Eric.
  9. eredel

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    I had X3 and X5 years ago and really rate them so would like an X3 back in the detecting armoury.......ideal on the stubble with its 7” coil, light weight and quite powerful. Do you have one? Eric.
  10. eredel

    Troy Shadow X3 metal detector

    Looking for a good working example of the above metal detector on the off chance there’s one gathering dust somewhere. Eric.
  11. eredel

    Waverunner Shuttle bait boat

    Waverunner Shuttle bait boat with spare set of batteries, handbook, chargers for boat and controller, leads for charging out of boat, boat bag and padded backpack for controller and spare batteries. Had very little use so as new, the water I fish has virtually banned bait boats so no longer used. Looking for £350 picked up in South Norfolk IP22 Regards, Eric. Another piccy.
  12. eredel

    Savage Gear 9 ft spinning rod & Daiwa reel

    Another piccy.
  13. Savage Gear MPP 9ft 90 grm multi purpose spinning rod and Daiwa Crossfire 4000-3Bi spinning reel all in a Greys Prowla single rod holdall. Bought new last year and used once last winter so as new, can’t see me piking again so may as well go. A bargain outfit for £70, a selection of lures available cheap for buyer when picked up. Situated South Norfolk IP22 Regards, Eric. Another piccy.
  14. eredel

    Browning and Top Gun cartridge bags

    Sensible offers on theTop Gun case considered. Eric.