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    exeter devon england
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    I am interested in anything to do wth the countryside as i am not a townie. There is so much to do out here hunting, ferreting, shooting and i enjoy working with animals. I made a mistake on my profile age all is crrect now thankyou. <y name is ollie.
  1. ps HH just noticed your in Devon, im up near manchester, it would be a long way to go for 2 ferrets unless you wanted me to post em! Lewis haha i spose lol first class I understand thankyou very much though
  2. Could we meet half way from mine to youres.
  3. This one????M C Kelly Ltd Elston Farm Copplestone Crediton Devon EX17 5PB 01363 84545
  4. Where will i find a game dealer. thankyou
  5. Ha, top stories guys keep them up and yes it does show my camo is working.
  6. Heya guys, I live in exeter and am selling wild rabbit meat. I am selling them because i am catching to many and do not have anything to do with the meat. Rabbit=£1each, for more than 5 rabbits the price drops to 50p.You would have to collect the meat. PM me for my contact details. If you want the rabbits fresh then ring me a day before and i will catch them an hour before you arrive.We catch the rabbits out ferreting so the meat will not be damaged.If you want to buy them in bulk then the price will drop allot.
  7. Was out decoying today had two buzzards circling above the decoys and then all of a sudden they both hit two decoys so i stood up and clapped them off. Anyone else had this.
  8. Marcus you little mug u aint even aloud a dog so why are you making people waste there time on your stupid posts. Stop trying to make youre self look big you know you arent aloud a dog. not even thinking about two of em
  9. haha nice pictures, they must be hobs they are huge. are they being worked.
  10. wow messy ferret haha i like him whats his name? How old? Keep them coming guys
  11. Cheers guys, yeh i hope i can carry on shooting for many years to come. £195 is well cheap and yh i did get a good deal it was from ladds out a crediton quality guys there micheal ladd is the best. many thanks guys keep them coming
  12. Quality shooting looks like youre going to need to take another photo lol there is to many in one lol only joking.
  13. Bloody quality. I hate crows. I used to do airgunning and they always used to hit them and have to walk like 100 yards to collect.
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