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  1. I broke both my front teeth (adult teeth) horizontally and they didn't hurt after the initial fall as the nerve wasn't exposed. If the nerve is exposed you can tend to see it through the tooth as a pinkish colour.
  2. We have a Ryobi brush cutter, can't fault it so far had it a year. It also has a 3 year warranty so if anything does go wrong it's not bad value for money after 3 years!
  3. gives a good interview too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAexXyzPdg0
  4. Had one on our Volvo XC70 and there wasn't any change out of a grand...
  5. sorry double posted! but now coming to think of it there is a smaller clay shoot in Chatteris too
  6. it's spelt Wisbech I believe and Lakenheath is a good ground which is about 30 miles away Alex
  7. This guy must be good judging by his advert! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJP1DphOWPs&feature=player_embedded
  8. I have a TEF20 and the lightest ones they made were about 1250 kilograms so you were pretty close The heaviest were just over 2000kg
  9. Many thanks for the replies i think i might get a Toshiba at the moment! i will report back on what i finally get! Cheers! Alex
  10. I am in need of a laptop for uni as my old dell one has seen better days! My budget is about £350 give or take a bit. A 15" screen seems about the right size if i'm going to use it in lectures and not take up too much space! needs to have a fairly decent size hard drive and a decent amount of ram. What do you think? Thanks! Alex
  11. i will be there tomorrow
  12. Rook salad sounds tasty...
  13. Oh dear indeed i'm usually up for trying different drinks but i'm to so sure about the diesel! thanks for the heads up i will look out for it! :yp: thanks i have heard good things i'm sure it will be an interesting week that's for sure!
  14. Is this the "DRAPER EXPERT 46CC" the photos look similar but there is no other clues in the description. If it is then the saw is worth about £160 normally??? the other hedge trimmer also looks surprisingly similar to the DRAPER EXPERT ones online
  15. I'm off to Harper! I'm sure i will see you about Ollie at some rival competition!
  16. Let me know how you get on with them! mine are doing well so far
  17. they are looking fairly healthy at the moment but i have been told they have a tendency to die easily! Off heat poults may be a better option but they are more expensive
  18. I have just taken ownership of 26 day old Bronze turkeys today! going to be a tasty Christmas!
  19. On the plus side traders are reporting a record wellie sales over previous years
  20. Trevor James are also a very good make
  21. airgunalex

    diesal taken

    I was going to ask the same question
  22. I went out at the right time but couldn't see it
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