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  1. Hi if you look up 

    John Bowlett’s official fan 

    On face book they can help I had my R10 tuned by John who designed the rifle for BSA he put mine to 18ft lbs I think for 177 it’s super accurate and reliable has been since I had it done years ago


    cheers K Mac

  2. Dough the mistake was leaving it with the father in law for a year.
  3. Thanks will give it a try
  4. Oneshot I think you got it blending of aluminium over the ring After a good look this seem to be it hopefully. The piston or cylinder doesn't look too bad but the piston ring looks fouled. Can't believe I didn't check as I've just been given a saw with this problem. Looks like a complete strip and rebuild and new cylinder and piston. Thanks everyone for all the help
  5. It's a 365 special made 2002 just pulled the spark plug out pulled it a few times no fog coming out just a slight smell of fuel will look at it tomorrow as wouldn't be popular running a saw at this time of night thanks folks keep the advanced coming
  6. Newish fuel line but will replace. no priming bulb so not that. the exhaust has been checked and cleaned. no spark arrest or on this one not that. bran new carburettor comes set to run and tried that with old one. new fuel running the same batch in other saw no problem. I can't fathom this one at all thanks so far
  7. Hi folks I could do with some advice and help please I've got a Husqvarna chainsaw and it won't start it was playing up so. I put a new spark plug ,carburettor,fuel filter, fresh fuel and the air filter is clean. And the spark plug is sparking so all the usual stuff checked off. When trying to start after a few pulls I get what seems to be the ignition of the fuel gases that have built up in the exhaust and a puff of smoke. Not Anything like it trying to fire up then nothing till this happens again. I'm stuck anyone knows what the problem is? Thanks
  8. Cancel I have decided to pack it all in Stay safe out K Mac
  9. K Mac

    410 over and under

    Cancel that I have decided to sell up Have fun lads out K Mac
  10. Hi I'm looking for the above to start my 10 year old daughter on nothing too expensive I'm in the Scottish Borders but will travel central Scotland Cheers K Mac
  11. As above looking for a shooting buddy. I'm in the Peebles area but will travel within reason. Someone with their own permission would be great but not too important. Retired or can shoot weekdays a must as dog walkers, mountain bikers, horse riders, and all others make shooting very difficult at weekends. I try to shoot pigeons, crows, rabbits. Own gear a pluss. Insurance a must. Cheers K Mac
  12. Very nice but being lazy and wanting one straight off the shelf not for me also not that into rifles (yet) Cheers Mac
  13. Not nowadays I know the Shot, North Camp and Farnborough very well but now 500 miles further north Cheers Anyway
  14. Scotslad using the safety is no problem it becomes natural you don't even have to think about it after a while. Welshwarrior will have a look on the net. It's a real pain gun hunting have to do it all on the net gunshops just can't hold a big enough selection for the off chance someone might buy it.
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