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  1. Let's be honest, we all go shooting because we enjoy it, game or otherwise.
  2. He should have called it Flatulence.😁
  3. The crime is the same as taking a human member of the family and should be treated the same.
  4. Fox hunting is not for me but they keep pressing the self destruct button.
  5. I hope the 2 police responsible for this assault are suitably dealt.
  6. RIP Geoff, thanks for the laughs.
  7. Hi Gordon, I did not go to Kent to shoot as someone beat me to it. I did go to Winterbourne Gunner near Salisbury on the 15th, it was a partridge day and we shared 2 pegs between 3 of us. It was memory lane for me as I lived there in 53/54 as my dad was stationed there. Went to look at my old village school after the shoot finished. The lock down has really mucked up this season, I loose 3 syndicate days and two away days as a guest, but the lock down is the sensible plan, just wish it could have been 2/3 weeks earlier. Stay safe Pete
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