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  1. butchdickason

    Yet another scam!

    I Get them saying call this number and pay to renew your microsoft licence or you will loose both internet and email access within the next 24 hours, I just hang up.
  2. butchdickason

    Doctor Refuses Medical Report

    I paid, I was not prepared to take the risk that the Doctors letter would delay my renewal,the payment was to the practice.
  3. butchdickason

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    NO is the sensible answer.
  4. butchdickason

    Spot the Owl

    It is not legislation, licences or increase in costs that will stop bad behaviour in any field sports, so penalising all for the disgraceful behaviour of the few is not the solution. I both shoot and fish.
  5. butchdickason

    Spot the Owl

    Nice picture on reflection.
  6. butchdickason

    RIP Albert Finney.

    Extremely good actor. RIP Albert.
  7. butchdickason

    Soft 20

    I use Hull High Pheasant 25gr 5 or 6 fibre in my 687EL 20 and they are super soft in my gun, the Sipes knock hell out of me, my grandson also 687 20 shoots 28 or 30gm Sipes and loves them, he is 4 stone heavier so can absorb the recoil better than me.
  8. butchdickason

    Beaters Day

    Thanks, really enjoyed the report, felt as if I was there.
  9. butchdickason

    Pigeon Shooting £1000 per gun per day

    It is not a misprint, price is one thousand pounds per gun. Thanks doing OK Gordon.
  10. There is a new advert on Guns on Pegs for Pigeon shooting £1000 per gun per day, the advert reads very well, but takes pigeon shooting well out of the working mans league, this is only my opinion.
  11. butchdickason

    Last game and ducks of the season,maybe.

    The first picture of your dog with the cock bird is best.
  12. butchdickason

    Browning motor case

    On Fleabay now wth 10 mins to go Browning Motor case. £76 , bids still open 19.11PM
  13. butchdickason

    John Wilson

    RIP - JW.
  14. butchdickason

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

  15. butchdickason

    Beretta S687EL Gold Pigeon 12 gauge

    I have both the 12 and 20 bore, shoot most with the 20 now getting old and arthritic. Had them from new and they are NOT for sale. 😊