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  1. Still have some of my old deeks with brick band metal rocking pegs from back in the 80s.
  2. Harry has been led by the testicles by the Markle woman, remove the title Duke and Dutchess etc and wave goodbye to them both.
  3. Hope you have a speedy recovery.🤞
  4. As above, this is another major disaster that needs world resources to deal with the problem fast.
  5. Had my RAV 4' for the past 15 years, been everywhere and have never got stuck, the permanent 4WD is excellent, mine is auto, put it in low and it will climb anything within reason. Mileage is now close to 120 thousand and only cost has been service, brake pads and tyres and fuel.
  6. I hope things get better for you mate and that you do have a Happy New Year,
  7. Lucky you, Happy Christmas definately.
  8. She is not the inocent caring little girl she portrays, her remark Politicians should be put against the wall proves it in my opinion, her reply when questioned was that it was the translation from her native lanagage to English is doubtful in my opinion.
  9. Brilliant, the mention of her being next to a shoe shop, priceless.
  10. They could have awarded him 1$, to give him a victory, the gobby rich bloke wins because he is rich, hope he gets his reward!
  11. I shot my first grouse August 92, walked up with Guy and his pointers on Moness Moor, Aberfeldy. He is the most likeable excentric and speaks his mind.
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