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  1. Thanks, really enjoyed both the shooting and the dogs working.
  2. Quite plausable in my opinion, the advances in tech in my lifetime are incredible, so no reason to doubt that further incredible advances will happen.
  3. Sad for you mate, they really are Mans best friend.
  4. The shoot should have insurance to cover this sort of dreadful accident, there is no excuse for the behaviour of the person responsible VIP or not.🥴
  5. I am a winner, I won the Euro Lottery this week,£11.40p, determined to not let it change my life.
  6. Ditchman, I find that port is very easy to drink and that it makes me fall over.
  7. His Indian wife called me using the same script, I told her to keep her elephants off my lawn and hung up.
  8. I enjoyed the report on your day. Pheasants on country roads is not unusual, and there are always idiots who drive at them on purpose. As 1st post on PW ?
  9. Tragic for the dog owner. The person with the gun made a dreadful mistake, the paper report is very poor, was the dog loose where it should not have been?
  10. I think that an exception can be OK for obvious medical reasons to use a semi auto, but to change traditional guns and dress detracts from the overall enjoyment of a day driven shooting.
  11. Says Large in the advert.
  12. I think you should contact BASC or CA for advice before you apply.
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