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  1. My favourite place to stay, fish and shoot.
  2. Why is a pump action shotgun more lethal than any other shotgun, a gun of any type will kill in the wrong hands. This proposal seems to me to be a self promoting platform for this ill informed MP to gain publicity.
  3. Sad news. Thanks for all the laughs. RIP Jethro.
  4. The motorbikes used by the Telegram lads that I remember in Dover were BSA Bantam's.
  5. wymberley we were Big Game hunters back then, my 1st a Starling.😀
  6. The model 1 was my first airgun, Christmas present in 1953 when I was 9. Mine was not Diana 1 but Original 1, look exactley the same.
  7. In my opinion he was an intregal part of the best comedy series ever Only Fools. RIP Boysie, thanks for the laughs.
  8. I hope that the USA court ruling is ignored. They have no jurisdiction here and twist situations to suit thier own agenda, ie using diplomatic imunity for the American female killer driver and getting her back to the USA so she could not be prosecuted.
  9. Hi Johnny, I hve someone local who wants them, and I have decided to let him have them as I want them gone. Best wishes Butch (Pete)
  10. I have a slab of mixed Plastic wad 28 cartridges. Free but have to be collected from Henley on Thames.
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