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  1. No offence intended, Partridge in this country are usually shot with O/U or S/S shotguns, as it is a Browning an American gun they do shoot game with Semi Auto shotguns, I am sure your advert is correct, the word partridge misled me, but that is easily done. Good luck with the sale, it is a beautiful looking gun. Regards. Butch
  2. Description a bit misleading, the partridge is the engraving.
  3. There is a nice Sabel for sale in the Guns for Sale Trade section.
  4. Stupid person, there are only a few who shoot at £1000 a day, and good luck to them. Licence set at £200 should be for life, there should not be a penalty for owning a legal gun, no figure will stop the unlicenced criminal gun ownership.
  5. What a crazey world we are in, now funding our enemies because that is what she is.
  6. Governments over the years have just given money out with both hands to all so called third world coutries knowing that the leadership in most of these countries are corrupt and that the majority of the money will not go on aid. In my opinion the only time we should be sending aid overseas is when there is a natural disaster, Tsunami, Earthquake ,Flooding etc. and in the main the aid should be food,water ,clothing and building materials, Not Money. Our Government should get our house in order before giving our money away.
  7. Specsavers billytheghillie.
  8. We have been with Utilities Warehouse for a year and have found them to be very good.
  9. Sling Sold to mickanles pending payment.
  10. Shotgun carrier, leather, can be used on O/U or S/S, fitting slides on barrels, but supported in sling. £15 posted SOLD SOLD SOLD. Ganton Gillett size 36. £20 Posted Quicknit Gillett. size 36. £25 posted Payment Paypal.
  11. Many years ago I had the same job of clearing the pigeons in the Old Wembley Laundry building which was right beside the stadium, anyway I spent a few days and evenings shooting the feral pigeons using a BSA Meteor, I must have shot hundreds.
  12. Perfect day, Shooting with family is good fun.
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