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  1. 😑 I think that the majority of cyclists are inconsiderate thugs, who use the bike as a weapon, they certainley do here in Henley on Thames on the river footpath.
  2. He probably will not, and definately not if the killer is a coloured man.
  3. butchdickason

    Stag head

    Holts on line sealed bid aution finishes this Thursday, they have heads in the taxidermy section, worth a look.
  4. Swap Prince Andrew for her, I bet they would be up for that.
  5. Thanks, I really enjoyed the good shooting and the brilliant dogs, the wagging tail while swiming made me 😁
  6. I Bought a Bettensolli Silver Evo 28 gauge a few weeks ago and have found no fault with it, good value for the money in my opinion. It is heavier than the 6lb you are after but worth a look.
  7. πŸ‘Œ They seem to be making a small comeback.
  8. Has this been sent by the same Nigerian Prince that sent me an email. I did of course respond straight away, sent the Β£200 administration fee, all my details including bank information and am still waiting for the money to arrive, do you think I have been conned or am I really a Nigerian Prince now, I am probaly the only white one.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  9. Anglia Sporting do both pigeon and gane shooting.
  10. I hope one of the inmates at the prison does for him. He should get the death penalty.
  11. I had the same with RUAG the importers of Bettinsoli guns, I telephoned and asked to purchase the rod and pins to convert my non auto safe to auto in my Bettinsoli Silver Evo, they asked for my address and posted me the parts free of charge,
  12. It was the same for me at Kranji War Cemetery in 1966.
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