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  1. Scum, he should have jail time and a ban on both pets and any type of weapon/firearm for life.
  2. Welcome to P.W. Nice to see someone having a day on the pigeons. The dog is rocket fast.
  3. I had a tear or two whilst watching the event. brave men one and all.
  4. butchdickason


    Loved the tale, best laugh this week end.😂 Thanks.
  5. butchdickason

    The War

    Well said Grandalf, the post by deeksofdoom is offensive.
  6. Lifelong Spurs fan, shame but the right result, Spurs were poor and Liverpool not a lot better.
  7. He is a devious self indulgent lying so called celebrity, full of his own importance who manipulates information to his own ends. Disliked him before the anti thing started.
  8. butchdickason


    Sad for you mate, I had the same dreadful experiance with my Sussex Olie, she was 12, still miss her everyday and I have moved to a flat where pets are not allowed so no replacement.
  9. 😄 I bought the decoys with spread wings that will scare the pigeon away. I am delighted that the various organisations are working flat out to try and get a sensible solution to the fiasco. reckon that is part of what we pay our subs for. I have been a member of the Countryside Alliance since it started, and the CPSA since I started shooting , prior to the CA I was a member of BASC.
  10. I do not blame the organisations for NE revoking the licences, but I do think your words... but it will take time is not good enough. Only my opinion.
  11. R.I.P. Fredddie, thanks for the laughs.
  12. This fiasco proves just how inefective our memberships to BASC,Country Side Alliance and any other fieldsport bodies is, they should of had this covered and sorted on day one of Packhams interferance, not allowed it to limp allong with stupid uninformed people making rules for us law abiding shooters to adhere to. Another side of the argument is the fieldsport businesses that are loosing customers because of the ban, no one will buy guns or cartridges until this fiasco is sorted as well as the losses to farmers crops which is already mentioned. PIGEON ALARM CALL ETC WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH.
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