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  1. Great video and shooting. The Magpies getting shot, brilliant.
  2. Hi Steve. Tue or Wed ok for me. PM me your mobile number and I will message you collection details and my phone number. Regards Butch (Pete)
  3. 400 Saga and Eley 21 and 25 gm plastic wad cartridges. Collection only from Henley on Thames. £40.
  4. Seems that the Police can't win no matter what law they bring in, the mob are taking control of the streets and saying that they are a minority and the rest had the right to be on the streets WRONG. All were breaking the law. To be a member of the uniformed police force on the streets these days is more dangerous than ever.
  5. Pictures loaded by a PW member. Thanks
  6. 1.jfif 2.jfif 3.jfif 4.jfif 5.jfif 6.jfif
  7. The pictures have not uploaded, I will try and re post the advert again.
  8. These have been in store since I moved home 3 years ago. They are all well used but serviceable. They are collection only from Henley on Thames as postal cost GPO is about £20. The sale is for all, will not split. £ 30. Contact PM. vintage.jfif Rubber.jfif Shells 18.jfif socks.jfif vintage.jfif
  9. Enjoyed the write up and Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
  10. RIP Marvin. I ain't missing him is priceless. 🤣
  11. The colour of the baby before he was born was something that everyone, no matter what colour or who they were thought about, it is not racist, but quite a normal question in that the mother is of black heritage and Harry white. Megan is not in my opinion the inocent or injured party that she makes out to be, more a manipulative opportunist who saw Harry as a means to get on the world stage.
  12. Conservation at it's most dangerous.
  13. I think it is very exciting, and I am looking forward to the pictures of Mars and whatever else is discovered.
  14. Let's be honest, we all go shooting because we enjoy it, game or otherwise.
  15. He should have called it Flatulence.😁
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